Top Trade Show Promotional Products

Trade shows are where the connections happen, orders are written and first impressions can be the lasting impression.  Make sure when you are representing your company or business you have these top promotional items to hand out at your booth. Many people will have unique items, but a promotional item that is unique and serves an immediate function will have you coming back to the office with the most business cards and leads!


Writing order on forms?  Writing info on the back of business cards?  Stylus pens for your touch screen device?  Low cost promotional item?  Someone ask you for a pen?  We cn go on and on about the power of the pen, but the plain fact is promotional pens are a clear and consistent winner for promotional items you need to give away at a trade show.


At trade shows, people walk around and grab tons of promotional items they get from booth to booth.  How can you stick out from the crowd, well that’s easy, by providing bags for them to carry everything?  Give out enough and you’ll see everyone walking around your tradeshow with your brand logo standing out.


Long trade shows, seminars, and expos can sometimes drag on with few to none breaks.  Handing out water bottles with your logo for people to fill up will make sure they are looking at your logo each day.  And most likely prospects will be asking each other, “hey where did you get that water bottle?”

Portable chargers

Nothing is worse than trying to answer emails, text and phone calls while at a trade show and that dreaded battery indicator starts blinking. We have all been there. Be the super hero to your prospects and clients and hand out portable super chargers.  They’ll be so grateful and will probably use all trip and hold them in their desk for the next time they need a quick boost.

Luggage Tag

Give these out at your booth and when you are at the airport, spot your luggage tags all around you especially if you’re at a big expo.  When handing out trade show promotional products, use big, bright, bold colors so your clients are more inclined to use them sooner rather than later.