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    Time and time again, research has found blue to be the world's most popular color. Why do people love blue so much, and should this affect your business branding and marketing plan? There is more to the answer than "people just love blue, so I should use blue promotional products." There is a psychology to color, and understanding the human emotional response to colors will help you tailor your sales plan accordingly. Use the color that relates to the emotional response you want to generate in your business partners, clients, and prospective contacts.

    Blue is the color of intelligence - it activates the thoughtful side of the brain, rather than the physical response that colors like red tend to generate. Peaceful and soothing, blue is easy on the human eye and helps to create feelings of calm, trust, reflection, communication, and serenity. Broadly used in modern branding, massive companies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ford, GE, Pepsi, and Allstate have chosen to use blue as their main company color. An inviting and non-confrontational color - blue is a natural choice for many companies.

    At National Pen we offer an immense catalog of blue promotional products, providing you with the flexibility to find the items that best match your company and marketing budget. From blue promotional pens of every kind imaginable, to cups, mugs, sports bottles, lip balms, bags, bracelets, lanyards, flash drives, calendars, pins, golf accessories, ribbons, and much more...we have the items that you need.

    Stock up for your next tradeshow or sales event and take advantage of our volume discount. We'll reward your larger order with a lower unit cost! All of our promotional items are protected by our 100% quality guarantee. If your order doesn't meet your expectations, you may return any unused items for a replacement or refund - for up to one whole year! Shop with confidence, knowing that your investment is protected.

    We look forward to partnering with you and helping you find the best blue promotional items for your company.