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Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

Show Your Support
Fundraise for the cause with
custom breast cancer merchandise.
Customize with
ready-to-use pink
ribbon logos.
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Breast Cancer Awareness Resources

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Show Your Support with Breast Cancer Merchandise

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the focus is to increase awareness of the disease and help those affected by early detection, education, and support services.

Whether you’re a part of a support group, running a marathon, or want to spread the word, breast cancer merchandise helps unite and shed light on the cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Pens

If you’re unsure where to start with breast cancer awareness merchandise, we suggest breast cancer pens. Not only are the cost effective, but they also can be used in many different ways.

Breast cancer awareness pens are perfect to personalize for support groups or clinics. Add a message of hope that can uplift recipients throughout their day.

Or, if you have a booth at a run or walk, customize breast cancer pens for people to use when signing in. And this is the time to encourage they "steal" your pens, too!

Need a breast cancer awareness pen recommendation? Everyone loves the Ribbon Grip Pen, which has a pink ribbon on the clip.

Pill Boxes, Hand Sanitizer & More Breast Cancer Awareness Merchandise

While some products are made to raise funds or awareness, it’s always a thoughtful touch to honor the survivors and those currently going through treatment.

Breast cancer merchandise like a pill box is extremely handy to give those in treatment. Add a message of hope they can see every time they need to take their pills.

Another popular item is custom hand sanitizer, which keeps everyone, but especially who are in treatment, germ-free.

Or how about a custom jar opener? When upper body strength is compromised, this helpful tool is always appreciated.

Breast Cancer Shirts & Apparel for Walks & Runs

Nothing says, "We’re a team!" quite like matching custom breast cancer awareness shirts, hats, sunglasses, and wristbands during a fundraising walk, run, or marathon. And if anyone gets separated from the group, they work as quick identifier.

Along with breast cancer shirts, sunglasses are must-haves for walks. We offer a variety of styles that can be personalized with your team name or logo on the side of the frame or on top of the glasses.

Wristbands are another fun team spirit idea, and also fit within any budget. They’re the type of giveaway people love to pick up at a registration table or booth.

Free Downloadable Breast Cancer Awareness Logos

To make customizing your breast cancer awareness merchandise easier, we’ve created a set of free logos that you can download. Choose from sentiments like, "Get Your Pink On" and "WARRIOR" or graphics with popular icons like the pink ribbon.

We can’t say thank you enough for choosing National Pen to show your support for such an important cause.