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Clearance Promotional Items with Free Setup

Going, Going, Almost Gone!
Get more bang for your promotional buck with these
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Recently Viewed Products:

Sports Backpack - Lime Green (UDM-C)
25 for $8.99 ea
25 for $224.75
Plastic Ball Markers (UPM)
1000 for $0.12 ea
1000 for $0.15 ea
1000 for $120.00
1000 for $150.00
Assorted Colors
Black Barrel Trek Pen with Translucent Accents (ADF)
100 for $0.44 ea
100 for $0.59 ea
100 for $44.00
100 for $59.00
Full Color
Prodigy Light-Up Pen and Stylus Tip (PLP)
50 for $1.49 ea
50 for $1.75 ea
50 for $74.50
50 for $87.50
GEO-Patent Pocket Planner (DUR)
25 for $2.79 ea
25 for $69.75
Assorted Colors
Bright Soft Touch Maya Stylus Pen - Mirror Imprint (MLD)
75 for $1.39 ea
75 for $1.49 ea
75 for $104.25
75 for $111.75
Alegria Soft Touch Pen with Stylus (MNE)
50 for $1.79 ea
50 for $89.50
Assorted Colors
Heavy Cotton 12 oz Tote Bag with Pocket (UDZ)
25 for $8.49 ea
25 for $9.49 ea
25 for $212.25
25 for $237.25
Full Color Inkjet Task Master Multi-Ink Pen (ADU)
100 for $0.69 ea
100 for $0.79 ea
100 for $69.00
100 for $79.00
Full Color Assorted Colors
Soft Touch Triangle-Shaped Trio Pen (MME)
50 for $1.99 ea
50 for $99.50
Assorted Colors
Coaster with Bottle Opener (WLA)
100 for $1.09 ea
100 for $109.00
Assorted Colors
Pineapple & Liberty Handheld Pop-Up Fan (AFF-C)
50 for $1.39 ea
50 for $69.50
of 6

The Value of Clearance Promotional Products

No setup fees? Check. Great quality? Check!

National Pen clearance promotional items are not only available at a great price, they're also designed to last. Whether you choose pens, stationery, or bags, they're all made with quality materials that you can depend on. No leaking pens or dim flashlights here! Our philosophy is even if these are closeout promotional items, you still should be proud to hand them out.

You're also able to fully customize your promotional gifts. We offer free full-color designs, along with space to add your logo or business name. This is the key to making your company stand out!

Where to Hand out Your Clearance Promotional Items

Headed to a trade show or convention? Then closeout promotional items are perfect for you. At a large event like that, you’ll want to make a lot of impressions with bulk personalized pens and products, and at a price point that gives you the highest return on investment.

Clearance promotional products are also ideal if you plan to encourage people to "steal" them—like cheap custom pens at your front desk. You won't mind if someone slips a pen into their bag because not only did you get a great deal on it, but they'll advertise your business to a wider audience once they're out and about in the world!

No Setup Fee Promotional Products

What makes the savings on clearance promotional products even better? No setup fee!

As always, we'll still take the time and care to set up your order so it's perfect, but we're waiving the fee so you can make your dollar stretch even further.

And we can't forget to mention that every single order, including no setup fee promotional products, is backed by our One-Year Quality Guarantee. We promise that if your order of clearance promotional items isn't made to your specifications, we'll refund or replace it within one year after the ship date.

We can't wait to help you promote your business!