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Choose Plastic Personalized Sports Bottles for Your Next Promotion!

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Benefits of Plastic Custom Sports Bottles

  • Strong yet flexible, FDA regulated, BPA-free plastic polymers such as those in custom sports bottles allow for the safe packaging, containment and storage of foods and beverages.
  • Plastic custom sports bottles are cheap – around a buck or so with impression -- and can squeeze into the cash-strapped promotional budget of any organization.
  • People love receiving them because they’ll use them all the time – at the gym, going for a run, riding a bike or as just part of their everyday activities.

Personalized Sports Bottles Are Great Giveaways for:

  • Corporate health and wellness fairs for employees
  • Sports and fitness events at recreation centers
  • Fundraising events for schools, churches, local community centers and non-profits
  • Competitive or recreational sports leagues, for both adults and kids
  • Summertime or seasonal promotional events or tradeshows
  • Marketing events for gyms, sports clubs or fitness centers
  • New Year’s promotions related to keeping resolutions and getting in shape
  • Just about any occasion because staying hydrated is an everyday necessity

Promote Your Brand for Less with Personalized Sports Bottles

Imagine the branding impact of giving away custom sports bottles to a local little league team. Kids, parents, coaches and those in attendance will see your branding every game and practice. You pay for the branding only once but the personalized sports bottle is used -- and provides advertising value – dozens of times. One-time throwaway promotional items don’t have the same impact.

Custom Sports Bottles Are as Tough as You Are

Plastic personalized sports bottles can take a battering. Drop them, squirt them, squeeze them, kick them, and roll them to your teammate play after play, game after game. Satisfy your thirst in seconds after an intensive work out. Just pull out the spout – with your teeth if you want to -- and drink.

Proper Washing Ensures Your Personalized Sports Bottles Last

To promote repeat use and high branding value, share these bottle-washing tips with your customers:

Why Choose Plastic Personalized Sports Bottles for Your Next Promotion?

Few materials are as ever-present in our modern world as plastic. From product packaging to food containers, plastic is molded, stretched, shaped and hardened to form thousands of products, including custom sports bottles. Because they’re cheap, practical, and offer a broad impression area, personalized sports bottles are a popular, high impact promotional option.

Benefits of Plastic Custom Sports Bottles

  • Use warm to hot water -- and just a drop of dish detergent -- to scrub bottles after every use. Using a bottle brush is highly recommended. Most personalized sports bottles are dishwasher safe, top-rack only!
  • When cleaning, pay special attention to the push-pull top, spout and straw areas – anything that goes in the mouth – for extra scrubbing.
  • When you’re done cleaning, let the custom sports bottle air dry completely by setting it upside down on a drying rack. Hand-dry with a clean towel if needed.
  • Once a week, prevent the formation of bacteria by adding a mixture of white vinegar (1/2 cup) and baking soda (2 tbsp.) to the bottle and letting it sit for about 15 minutes. Shake it up to spread around the mixture and rinse well.

Hey parents, encourage kids to help wash their bottles by making the task fun. Fill the bottles with warm, sudsy water and securely screw on the cap ensuring the spout is closed. Let kids shake the bottle up and down, side to side until their arms tire. Make this task part of their post-game clean up routine.

A Call to Action for Recycling Plastic Personalized Sports Bottles

Good news about personalized sports water bottles: most are recyclable. Bad news? Only 29 percent of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic products, including custom sports bottles, are actually recycled. How do you know if your bottle is recyclable? Check the bottom for a “2” in a triangle. This resin identification code means it’s recyclable.