Our Editor's Favorite Holiday Gifts by Price

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

We typically don’t like to play favorites, but you know what, sometimes we just have to—like when we’re picking our favorite promotional products that double as gifts. That’s right, we’re doing the hard work for you. What goes into choosing the top holiday gifts by price, you ask? Well, as you can imagine, we eat, breathe, and sleep promotional products, so it takes something special to catch our eye. We’re always looking for products that help your brand stand out, and they also need to be nice enough to hold on to for a while, no matter the price.

Here are the gifts that made our list, and we hope make yours, too:

Gifts from $25-50

Superball Pen

These custom promotional pens are perfect for placing in a cup at the lobby or reception area. We love the idea of using one of the many design patterns we have to make them stand out even more.

Exclamation Point Sticky Notes

Nothing will get your point across quite like these sticky notes. The exclamation point perfectly points to your business name so clients and prospects will think of you every time they take notes.

Gifts from $50-75

Holiday Card with Personalized CD

Holiday cards are always a great idea, but you know what your clients and prospects will really remember? A holiday card paired with a CD filled with holiday music they can play all season long. We even personalize the CD with your business name.

Lantern Pen

This pen made our list because of its dual functionality. Part pen, part flashlight, it does everything you need it to and more (like advertising your business).

Gifts from $75-100

Gelato Pen and Flashlight Gift Set

We know this is the busiest time of year, so we’re all about saving you some time. Check out this pen and flashlight gift set that’s already in a box with a note of thanks.

Business Card Mug

Another favorite of ours thanks to its dual purpose. It’s a mug, it’s a business card, and it’s a gift clients, employees, and prospects will all use again and again.

Gifts from $100-150

Eco-Friendly Recyclable Tote Bag

The grocery store, work, the gym—think of all the places a tote bag on your logo will travel. Pro tip: use these as gift bags for no-fuss wrapping.

16GB Promotional Flash Drive

Looking to impress prospects or high-profile clients? Then personalize these flash drives with your logo and get ready for the compliments.