Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Switch to eco-friendly promotional products to increase impressions while reducing waste. Switch to eco-friendly promotional products to increase impressions while reducing waste. Switch to eco-friendly promotional products to increase impressions while reducing waste.see less

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Why Do Customers Like Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

Of course eco-friendly promotional products have a positive impact on the planet, but did you know that they can increase sales as well? Customers are aligning themselves with brands who promote with an eco-friendly message. Now more than ever, it pays to go green! With more customer loyalty and trust in your brand, you can create return customers—all thanks to reusable products. Offer eco-friendly branded products made with more care and less waste to leave a lasting impression with clients.

What Are the Most Popular Eco-Friendly Branded Products?

Eco-Friendly Promotional Bags

Who doesn’t love a tote? These eco-friendly promotional bags will have your customers saying, “Wait, that’s eco-friendly?” Yep, these bags are made from materials like recycled plastic and hemp, so they’re eco-friendly and carry your branding in style.

Pens made with used coffee grounds? It’s true! When it comes to reducing waste, there are all kinds of fun materials that are saving the planet. Customers love receiving pens made from bamboo, coffee grounds, wheat straw, and other eco-friendly materials. That’s what makes this eco-friendly promotional merchandise so memorable. Instead of giving another traditional pen, you can give an eco-friendly option that will make your branding stand out.

Custom Eco-Friendly Mugs & Drinkware

Cheers to being eco-friendly! You can get your branding seen on trendy reusable water bottles, travel cups, straws, and more. These reusable eco-friendly promotional products reduce the waste put out by disposable bottles, cups, and straws. And since they’re made to be reused, companies can enjoy countless impressions from their drinkware promotions.

What Is Used to Make Eco-Friendly Promotional Products?

Our collection of eco-friendly branded merchandise is made with products that use sustainable, recycled, and eco-friendly materials. While many of these materials are trendy, their benefits go beyond the stylish surface. Let’s cover what makes these eco-friendly materials so ideal for both the planet and your brand:

Hemp: Hemp is used to create a soft, yet durable material, and it needs little water or space to do it. In fact, hemp gives back to the earth. It replenishes soil quality and even captures carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Bamboo: Often mistaken for a tree, bamboo is actually a fast growing grass. Though it may feel and look like tree wood, bamboo requires less time, water, and space to grow than trees. This makes it a great alternative to wood and plastic.

Recycled Paper: What’s old becomes new again thanks to recycled paper. The pages of notebooks with recycled paper look and feel just like new, but they’ve been repurposed from used paper. The result is a noteworthy notebook and many saved trees.

Wheat Straw: Ever wonder what happens to the rest of the stalk when wheat is harvested? Normally, it’d be trashed, but innovators have found a way to use that wheat straw as replacement for plastic. By using wheat straw, products are able to use 30 to 40 percent less plastic.

Recycled Plastic: So you put your plastic water bottle into the recycling. Then what? Well, it just may end up in one of your eco-friendly promotional products. Recycled plastic is used to make everything from eco-friendly tote bags to coolers, backpacks, notebook covers, and more.