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Showcase the green side of your brand with a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products from National Pen. The reusable nature of our products makes them perfect for repeat marketing. Not to mention the big environmentally-friendly selling point for your business.


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Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

The environment is becoming more and more of a concern for everyone. That’s transferring to consumers, who consider a brand’s environmental impact before buying. Eco-friendly promotional merchandise allows you to show your intentions from the get-go – and remind customers every time they use them.

We have an extensive range of practical promotional gifts that will be used day in, day out. Choose from stationery, mugs and cups, or even chargers to help out customers and get your brand noticed. The Solar Suntree uses nine solar leaves to charge mobile phones with no need for electricity. It’s fair to say it will be the talk of any office or home.

Eco-friendly and promotional

Our environmentally friendly products can be personalised to fit in with any brand or marketing campaign. First of all, we have a range of colours and styles to choose from. The Eco Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup comes in a range of bright colours for instance. Are you a vibrant orange or a bold blue? Maybe a green to match the eco undertone of the cup itself?

Once you’ve found the perfect product for you, it couldn’t be easier to add your logo and business name. With our high-quality printing, you can be sure your brand will stand the test of time. That means every time customers have a coffee or tea, they’ll be reminded of your business. It will also be seen by passers by, whether that’s in the office or on the morning commute.

More eco-friendly promotional items

Our range of eco-friendly products can be combined with other printed items to promote the same green ethos. Our wide range of water bottles are perfect for consumers that don’t want to continually use throwaway plastic bottles.

Alternatively, you can invest in reusable shopping and tote bags. Customers will no longer need single-use plastic bags. And your brand will be showcased to a wide audience whenever items need to be carried. Perfect for promotional giveaways or just in-store purchases.

Give your customers a promotional gift that lasts with eco-friendly promotional merchandise from National Pen. Promote your brand with less impact on the environment to show customers you care. You’ll soon have them coming back for more.