Selfie Sticks and Shutters

Stay relevant with fun, affordable promotional selfie sticks. With bold colours and lightweight designs, you can boost your brand whilst having tonnes of fun. The selfie stick is an innovative way to get your message across, with adjustable holders, safety wrist straps and extendable handles.

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Branded Selfie Sticks

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why a branded selfie stick is the picture-perfect way to gain visibility. Choose from a variety of bold colours and engrave your key information. So even when customers are taking a picture, your business will still be the one in the foreground.

On holiday, at a party or at corporate events. There’s always time for a quick group selfie. With our affordable and stylish promo selfie sticks, you can join in on the fun in front of the camera. Rather than behind it.

Fun giveaways

Promotional items no longer have to be typical and boring. Spice up your marketing with modern technological gifts. Choose from solar suntree charger set, Round Bluetooth speakers and personalised selfie sticks. They add a fresh new element to marketing which moves away from the traditional products. And into the modern digital world.

Practical, quirky and affordable. Our range of selfie sticks are perfect for your customers. Using a lightweight, extendable, mini selfie stick, customers and their friends can takes pictures wherever they go. Easily fitting into handbags and backpacks, it’s the perfect choice for travellers, explorers and go-getters.

Affordable promotional merchandise

We understand how important it is to get your message across. With plenty of space on the adjustable phone holder, you can add a unique logo or brand design. As a popular choice for younger generations, your selfie sticks are sure to fly off the shelf in no time at all.

Selfie sticks have impressive practicality. They’re simple, easy to use and lots of fun. With a safety wrist strap and a shutter button on the handle, customers can easily take photographs no matter where they are. Don’t worry about charging as the Wire Selfie Stick doesn’t require a battery or an app. It comes with an audio jack compatible with all iOS mobile phones. This make it the perfect, low-budget promotional item for all customers.

Add fun into your marketing campaign with our quirky branded selfie sticks. It’s a practical and stylish gift for your loyal customers at a budget friendly cost. The perfect choice for businesses who want to branch out from traditional promotional items.