Safety Meets Style

Fashionable, breathable, and reusable, the Trumask™ is a must-have.

Trumask™: The Stylish Face Mask with Filter

Everyone wants a face mask that both protects and is breathable. The Trumask™ face mask with filter truly does it all, and is a smart gift to give employees, customers, and family members.

Here are a few features of the Trumask™ we think you’ll appreciate

• Choose from patterned designs or solid colours

• Adult and kids sizes

• Comes with one filter that can be used up to 12 hours for 95% filtration efficiency

• Three-layer filter system features a 100% hypoallergenic cotton inner fabric layer of breathability

• Made from breathable 100% cotton

• Features soft ear loops and a flexible bridge that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your nose

• Free shipping

For more information about these non-surgical adult face masks, check out the information below:

Reusable Adults Face Masks

Wherever you go in these reusable adult face masks, you’ll feel an added layer of protection. Plus, you can express your sense of style with our collection of patterned and solid-coloured options.

Adult Dotted Trumask™: features a navy blue background and white and black polka dots.

Adult Black Heart Trumask™: black hand-drawn hearts stand out against a white background.

Adult Pink Flower Trumask™: take a trip to the garden with this reusable adult face mask featuring pops of pink flowers.

Adult Blue Diamond Trumask™: a classic design with a black background and white and blue diamonds.

Adult Pink Trumask™: a solid pink face mask contrasts with black trim.

Adult White Trumask™: keep it simple with a white and black non-surgical adult face mask.

Adult Olive Green Trumask™: rich olive green looks great with any skin tone.

Reusable Kids Face Masks

Sometimes it can be hard to get kids to wear masks, but not with these comfortable and fun patterned designs! Choose from our collection of unique reusable kids face masks:

Kids Flash Trumask™: made for those lightning-fast kids in your life.

Kids Planet Trumask™: take them on a tour of the universe with this planet-themed reusable kids face mask.

Kids Dinosaur Trumask™: budding paleontologists will love wearing a playful dinosaur mask.

There’s a Trumask™ face mask with filter for everyone, and we can’t wait to help you with your order!