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    Custom USB Flash Drives

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    • Customized USB Bracelet - 2GB Memory

      USB Bracelet - 2GB Memory

      As low as $5.72 each!

    • Customized USB Bracelet - 4GB Memory

      USB Bracelet - 4GB Memory

      As low as $5.92 each!

    • Customized USB Bracelet - 8GB Memory

      USB Bracelet - 8GB Memory

      As low as $6.22 each!

    • Customized 16GB Promotional Flash Drive

      16GB Promotional Flash Drive

      As low as $6.49 each!

    • Customized Stealth USB Flash Drive - 2GB

      Stealth USB Flash Drive - 2GB

      As low as $6.17 each!

    • Customized USB Bracelet - 1GB Memory

      USB Bracelet - 1GB Memory

      As low as $5.43 each!

    In searching for the right promotional product for your next corporate event or tradeshow, a number of factors need to be considered. Not only must the item be affordable, but it must also be useful. Custom USB flash drives are the perfect choice for increasing awareness of your services and products and branding your organization's logo.

    When you opt to add branding to these personalized flash drives, you can be certain that your recipients will be thrilled to receive them. In addition, unlike many other items, because high-quality flash drives are so useful, you can be certain your recipients will keep them for a long time.

    Promotional USB drives also provide excellent value because they can be used by practically any target demographic for backing up important data and files, storing memorable photos and transferring music files. More importantly, because these USB flash drives can be imprinted, each time your recipient uses one, they will see your personalized message or logo.

    Whether you want to increase loyalty by providing customer appreciation gifts or you want to raise awareness of your business or organization at your next tradeshow, these flash drives are the ideal choice. Associates, teachers, students and clients will all be thrilled to receive one of these memory sticks.

    Choose from a vast array of colors and styles to find a design option that perfectly suits your marketing campaign. You can also choose from a variety of sizes ranging from 1GB to 4GB. These items are among the most popular tech-related promotional products available today. USB thumb drives are the ideal choice for any tech-savvy recipient.

    When you want to introduce a tech-savvy approach to your marketing campaign, consider pre-loading your latest promotional materials onto these custom flash drives. This is a great way to save on paper and make sure your marketing materials are always available.