Gelato Pen


Fun eye catching color and sleek style!

The bright fun assorted colored barrel with matching comfort color grip give the Gelato click action pen a trendy and stylish look.


Product Details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Imprint Color: Black
  • Imprint Location: Barrel
  • Imprint Process: Silkscreen
  • Imprint Size: 1.67" W x 3/4" H
  • Max. # of Lines: 5
  • Max. # of Characters per Line: 29

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Pens are highly useful instruments and will always be appreciated. This simple fact makes using pens as a promotional tool an inexpensive way to promote goodwill between your business and your customers and to help your clients remember you.

The Gelato pen is an excellent example of the type of pen that lends itself very well as a promotional tool. These pens are not the garden variety that looks like every other promotional pen you have seen. A promotional Gelato pen is personalized to have your company's name and logo printed on top where your clients will always see it. They will constantly be reminded of your products and services.

The Gelato pen is of such high quality that your customers will be grateful that they have it to sign important documents or just to take notes. Because you thought to give them such a good-looking and functional pen that will last a significant amount of time, your customers will know that you really care about them. When you give away a Gelato pen, you are not giving someone shoddy merchandise, and they will take notice.

Even though the promotional Gelato pen is of very high quality, it's not very expensive. It will be easy to add the cost of several of these pens into your advertising budget without endangering your finances. You will be able to personalize your pens in the manner that you see fit, and it will be a very affordable way to keep your company's name and logo in your customers' minds.

The Gelato pen is a highly versatile product that can reach an expanding number of potential clients. Even if you are not running a retail business where customers frequently go in and out of your doors, you can find several opportunities to offer your promotional pens to prospective clients. For example, you can give them away as prizes, offer them to people at trade shows, give them away at corporate events and encourage appreciation amongst your customers.

The Gelato pen comes in four beautiful colors, and you can easily purchase as many as you need online. In fact, the more pens you order, the lower your price per pen will be.

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