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Custom Pens with Logo & Personalized Pens

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We Love Custom Pens So Much, We Put It in Our Name

Since 1966, we've been your personalized pen experts because, well, we're passionate about pens. We've seen the marketing power of pens work for our customers, and are always impressed by the return on investment that custom pens with logos provide. Pens are also loved by all, whether you're passing them out to customers, prospects, or employees.

To put it plainly: we love pens and we think you'll love our pens, too. Let's find the right marketing pens for your business!

Metal Personalized Pens

There's just something about holding a metal promotional pen in your hand—even if it isn't expensive, the heft of it makes it feel like it is. That's why so many businesses choose to attach their brand logo to custom metal pens.

Many of our metal business pens are laser engraved, which adds a special touch. We take the time and care to engrave your logo or business information onto the pens so your imprint looks professional and lasts through the years.

We also offer many soft touch custom pens to print with your name or logo. What's soft touch? Well, it's a special rubber coating that provides a comfortable feel when writing, which makes it a favorite among customers.

Gel Ink Custom Pens with Logo

Ink type is an important factor to consider when choosing your printed pens. Gel ink pens offer a different writing experience than ballpoint pens, for example. That's because gel ink creates bolder, opaque lines and the ink doesn't bleed. Gel ink also comes in a variety of colors, including black, blue, red, pink, purple, and more. A great choice if you're looking for something a little different!

Marketing Pens with SmoothWrite™ Ink

We can't talk about ink without talking about SmoothWrite Ink. Exclusive to us, it offers the smoothest writing experience on the market. The ink flows easily so it writes the first time—no need to scratch a notepad to get the ink flowing!

And while SmoothWrite Ink offers a premium feel, it doesn't come with a premium price tag. So many of our budget-friendly personalized pens, like the Colorama Extreme Pen, come with SmoothWrite Ink.

Business Pen Gift Sets

When you want to make an impression, pen gift sets are the way to go. You can choose from a variety of sets, from pens with flashlights to calendars with pens. All of them come in professional, presentation-worthy packaging, whether it's a box or gift bag. Once you receive your custom pen gift sets, all you have to do is pass them to your customers, employees, or prospects.

All Custom Pens Are Backed by Our One-Year Quality Guarantee

Because you're attaching your company's name to these personalized pens, we want to make sure they're nothing but perfect. Our One-Year Quality Guarantee promises that if your order isn't produced exactly to your specifications, we'll refund or replace your order up to one year after the ship date.

Now the only question is: which custom pens with logo are you going to choose?