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    • Customized Notepad and Case

      Notepad and Case

      As low as $0.94 each!

    • Customized Polished Paper Caddy

      Polished Paper Caddy

      As low as $1.03 each!

    • Customized Devon Notepad with Pen

      Devon Notepad with Pen

      As low as $1.09 each!

    • Customized The Mackenzie Notepad

      The Mackenzie Notepad

      As low as $1.47 each!

    • Customized Two Sided Deluxe Note Caddy

      Two Sided Deluxe Note Caddy

      As low as $2.08 each!

    • Customized Neon Notepad and Pen

      Neon Notepad and Pen

      As low as $1.02 each!

    • Customized Royal Notepad

      Royal Notepad

      As low as $2.83 each!

    • Customized Nifty Note Caddy With Pen

      Nifty Note Caddy With Pen

      As low as $2.29 each!

    • Customized Savannah Notebook with Pen

      Savannah Notebook with Pen

      As low as $2.22 each!

    • Customized 3

      3" x 5" Journal Notebook

      As low as $1.84 each!

    Design Promotional Notepads

    Personalized notebooks and writing pads help your customers to scheme, coordinate, jot, scribble and plot. All the while, they have you to thank for the convenient writing tablet and carrier. Here are some uses for many of the products you see above:

    Writing Pads: Handy for taking down information without taking up too much space, custom journals or writing pads are convenient for carrying in pockets and purses. Distribute personalized journals at your next trade show, or give them away as customer appreciation gifts. They're universally accepted across all professions, and everyone can put them to practical use.

    Notebooks: These items are great for seminars where attendees will be taking notes. Also, custom notebooks are popular with students at campus job fairs and other recruiting functions. Customize these with your company's logo, and they'll know whom to thank for the complimentary supplies.

    Planners: For executives and professionals who must tightly plan their schedules, planners make a great giveaway they'll use all year. Include website, phone or other contact information to make sure you're the first number in their little black book.

    Portfolios: In finance-related professions, portfolios come in handy. These sleek paper-protectors harbor investments, reports, proposals and other professional communications. Imprint your business name or logo on the cover to give a professional image on your next major meeting, or give these away as gifts to high-profile clients.

    Sticky Notes: We all need to jot down a quick reminder now and then. By customizing your own sticky notes, you give your customers something practical they'll use for a long time. Every time they drop themselves a note, they'll think of you.

    At National Pen, we give you plenty of options for writing surfaces to bestow upon your clients and customers. We guarantee all custom notepads to be defect-free and to accurately portray your logo, text or image as you specify. By ordering directly from us, you always receive the lowest price.

    Browse through our complete selection of custom notepads and planners. Click on an item of interest. Then, to see an image of your company name, inscription or logo, simply click the customize button.