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    • Customized Soft Touch Calendar Gel Pen

      Soft Touch Calendar Gel Pen

      As low as $0.79 each!

    • Customized Square Cap Pen

      Square Cap Pen

      As low as $1.99 each!

    • Customized Novato Gel Pen & Stylus Top

      Novato Gel Pen & Stylus Top

      As low as $0.75 each!

    • Customized Jumbo Gel Pen

      Jumbo Gel Pen

      As low as $0.64 each!

    • Customized Luminous Pen

      Luminous Pen

      As low as $1.97 each!

    • Customized Black Superball Pen

      Black Superball Pen

      As low as $0.18 each!

    • Customized Largo Stylus Pen

      Largo Stylus Pen

      As low as $1.19 each!

    • Customized Cayes Gel Pen

      Cayes Gel Pen

      As low as $0.57 each!

    • Customized Metro Gel Pen

      Metro Gel Pen

      As low as $0.51 each!

    This closeout sale is a great way to save on some of the hottest promotional items around. From customized key rings that sport your company's logo to colorful pens that your clients can't help but notice, this page contains dependable, high-quality products at a fraction of their regular cost.

    With your personalized closeout order, you'll receive steeply discounted products without compromising on quality. These savings are sure to magnify your already deep closeout discounts of 50 percent or more.

    These items aren't just affordable: Designed with the highest quality in mind, they're designed to offer the best value around. Each closeout spiral notebook is held together with the finest plastic rings that can be customized in virtually any color of your choosing.

    Every sturdy carabiner is tested to ensure that it can hold a solid load. Even the closeout zoom-light key chains that you'll find here are built to emit concentrated, powerful illumination that can help your clients read in the dark or find their way around a closet.

    Of course, no closeout sale would be complete without a full range of customization options. With over 500 custom colors and the ability to imprint a wide range of images and characters onto each item of your order, your closeout order is sure to help your company stand out from the crowd.

    These personalized products are great for distributing at big events like trade shows or conventions, and they work well as guerrilla marketing tools as well. You can even use them to turn your next customer appreciation day into an advertising bonanza.

    Before you place your order, be sure to make it your own. For maximum impact, wrap your items with a printed image or logo that sums up your business. To stay fresh in the minds of prospective clients, imprint your company's slogan or contact information on your closeout products. Once you're ready to purchase, simply choose your desired quantity and await your game-changing shipment.