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Custom Sticky Notes

Get Your Advertising to Stick
Your business will always be top of mind thanks to
personalized sticky notes.
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Recently Viewed Products:

BIC® 4" x 4" Sticky Note Pad - 25 Sheet Pad (PPR-11296)
500 for $0.87 ea
500 for $435.00
Full Color
Spiral Notepad with Sticky Notes and Ruler (NNX)
50 for $2.99 ea
50 for $149.50
Full Color Assorted Colors
Bic 4x6 Adhesive Notepads-Designs-25 sheets (PPR-11213)
250 for $0.87 ea
250 for $217.50
Full Color
Lotte Crocodile Print Notepad Set (NDQ)
50 for $1.99 ea
50 for $99.50
BIC® Adhesive 25 Sheet Notepad - 2 1/2" x 3" (PPR-11374)
500 for $0.50 ea
500 for $250.00
Full Color
Bic® Deco Shape Sticky Pads (PPR-11137)
500 for $0.63 ea
500 for $315.00
Full Color
Spiral Jotter with Sticky Notes, Flags and Pen (PPR-11125)
100 for $1.84 ea
100 for $184.00
7 In 1 Stationery Kit (OFF-11115)
100 for $3.29 ea
100 for $329.00
BIC® 5" x 3" Sticky Note Pad - 25 Sheet (PPR-11299)
500 for $1.04 ea
500 for $520.00
Full Color
Bic® Sticky Note 50 Sheet Pads - Smiley (PPR-11136)
250 for $0.86 ea
250 for $215.00
Full Color
3x3 Adhesive Die-Cut Notepads, Tooth (PPR-11193)
500 for $0.77 ea
500 for $385.00
Full Color
Full Color 2 3/4 ''x3'' 25-Sheet Post-it® Notes (PPR-11742)
500 for $0.52 ea
500 for $260.00
Full Color
of 8

Your Name Will Stick with Custom Sticky Notes

Look at the majority of peoples’ desks and you’ll find at least one sticky note. The quintessential tool for remembering things, personalized sticky notes are the key to getting your business name and logo in front of people every single day. And don’t forget the reach of these everyday promotional items—someone always asks to use one, and that’s another person your company’s info is exposed to!

See Your Logo in Full Color on Printed Post It Notes

Full color personalized post it notes take your advertising to the next level. Just like the name says, we show your logo, slogan, or contact info and in full color. This is a great choice if you use multiple colors in your branding or what a certain message to stand out.

Photos are a great addition to these full color promotional sticky notes as well. On some styles, you can make your photo the background of the sticky note, which is great for simple images. On others, your photo can appear in a corner so it receives all the attention it deserves.

Personalized Sticky Notes in Fun Shapes

If you want to up the memorability factor, go with a shaped custom sticky note. We like the idea of matching the shape to your business. If you’re a dentist, choose the Tooth-Shaped Notepads. In the education sector? The Apple-Shaped Notepads are A+. And veterinarians, we can’t forget about you. The Paw-Shaped Notepads are purrfect.

Not finding a shape that represents your industry but still want to try something different? How about printed post it notes in a cube shape? That’s four sides to advertise your business or cause.

We’ll Ship Your Personalized Post It Notes in 48 Hours!

Need your promotional sticky notes ASAP? Not to worry—our Free Rush Service has got your back! We offer plenty of options that ship within 48 hours so you’ll be ready for your next trade show, event, or marketing launch. Just look with the products that have the “48 Hours” logo on them.