Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens & Pencils

Made from recycled materials, these eco-friendly custom pens and pencils are better for the planet. Made from recycled materials, these eco-friendly custom pens and pencils are better for the planet. Made from recycled materials, these eco-friendly custom pens and pencils are better for the planet.see less

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What Are Eco-Friendly Custom Pens & Pencils Made of?

There are so many ways to go eco with your pens and pencils, and there are new materials popping up all the time. Here are the most popular materials for eco-friendly pencils and pens:

  • Recycled Plastic: many of our eco options are pens made from recycled plastic. Typically, they’re crafted out of plastic bottles, like the ones used for pop or water. Some of our recycled printed pens use the plastic for the entire pen (save the ink) or just a few pieces, like the barrel or clip.
  • Wheat Straw: a pen made out of...wheat? You read that right! We take wheat straw that’s already been harvested and blend it to form pen barrels. This wheat would have otherwise gone unused.
  • Bamboo: bamboo is a sturdy wood, which makes for a great pen barrel. Plus, the naturally-occuring wood grain adds interest to your eco-friendly promotional pens.
  • Coffee: this is another shocking material, isn’t it? These pens are made from sustainable coffee grounds and often also blended with wheat and recycled plastic. The coffee beans add a wonderfully rich colour that makes these eco-friendly pens standouts.
  • Paper: many eco pens are made from paper, and we even offer a version that’s completely made out of paper (even the cap).
  • Wood: we mentioned bamboo previously, but there are other types of wood that are used for making eco-friendly pencils.

Do Customers Value Eco-Friendly Pens & Pencils?

Absolutely. We’ve seen an uptick in interest for eco-friendly branded pens and pencils recently as more and more people are focusing on going green. And it makes sense--people are using eco-friendly reusable bags for their shopping and bringing reusable mugs to the coffee shop, so they’re already in that earth-friendly state of mind. You can show that your company or cause also takes the planet’s future into consideration when passing out eco-friendly custom pens and pencils.

What Are the Best-Selling Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens?

Any of the eco-friendly promotional pencils and pens we offer are sure to be instant favourites, but to make shopping a bit easier, here are a few we suggest:

  • Full Colour Inkjet Recycled Plastic Liv Pen: you’ll love both your logo in full colour and the fact that these recycled printed pens are made from plastic bottles.
  • Coffee Barrel Pen with Wheat Trim: the striking coffee-coloured barrel and speckled recycled wheat clip add a lot of intrigue to these pens.
  • BIC® Evolution® Ecolutions® Eraser Pencil: these eco-friendly pencils are made from 46% recycled material and won’t ever splinter.

We hope this answered a few of your questions about eco-friendly promotional pens and pencils and are looking forward to your order. If you want to know more about Eco-friendly giveaways take a look at our blog post about sustainable marketing and eco-friendly gift ideas.