Eco Friendly Promotional Drinkware

Send a positive message about your business with custom eco-friendly cups, mugs, and more. Send a positive message about your business with custom eco-friendly cups, mugs, and more. Send a positive message about your business with custom eco-friendly cups, mugs, and more. see less

Why Do Customers Want Eco-Friendly Promotional Drinkware?

People are making eco-friendly decisions when it comes to the things they buy. Rather than buying disposable cups and straws, many customers prefer the reusable options. That means there’s an opportunity for brands. By using trendy eco-friendly promotional drinkware, you can appeal to your customer’s interests.

With more people looking to connect with brands that share their values, now is the perfect time to create custom eco-friendly cups, tumblers, or even straws. Not only does this benefit the planet, eco-friendly promotional drinkware fosters greater customer trust and loyalty as well. Best of all, since these products are reusable, your promotions will enjoy lasting visibility with customers.

What Are the Most Popular Eco-Friendly Drinkware Items?

Eco-friendly promotional drinkware has become the fashionable choice for companies and recipients alike. But which items are the crowd favorites? Let’s take a look at what’s most popular in the eco-friendly trend:

Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups and Tumblers

Ditch the disposable cups. Custom eco-friendly coffee cups are here to stay. You’ve probably noticed people bringing their reusable tumblers into coffee shops. This makes it easy for customers to refill their beverages without creating waste.

When you feature your company name on custom eco-friendly cups, it will get seen with every morning coffee and afternoon tea. And don’t worry about losing quality in the process. Reusable coffee cups include all the conveniences of disposable cups, such as a lid and a small hole for sipping. Some even come with a protective sleeve for safety.

Printed Eco-Friendly Mugs

Branded eco-friendly mugs help customers to reduce waste while also showing off your company imprint. If you really want trendy eco-friendly travel mugs, go with the mugs made of bamboo. Not only is bamboo fashionable, it’s also a quick growing grass that has a lesser impact on the environment than other materials, like plastic.

Eco-Friendly Straws

We’ve all heard about how many disposable straws wind up littering the ocean and affecting wildlife. That’s why many prefer custom reusable straws. This eco-friendly promotional drinkware comes in many forms. There are bamboo straws that feature company branding on the travel pouch, collapsible metal straws that can be carried on branded keychains, and paper straws that can be offered as gifts in personalised boxes. Eco-friendly straws are especially popular because they’re a budget-friendly promotion that says a lot.

Why Do Restaurants and Cafes Use Eco-Friendly Promotional Drinkware?

With so many options available to customers, cafes need a way to stand out. Eco-friendly promotional drinkware helps cafes to create return customers. These reusable promotions serve as positive reminders of your business and the values you hold. Some cafes even provide a small discount when customers bring in their custom eco-friendly cups. This saves the cafe money on disposable cups and establishes an incentive to show off their promotional drinkware.