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Point your customers towards success with a branded laser pointer. Point your customers towards success with a branded laser pointer. Point your customers towards success with a branded laser pointer.see less

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Custom Laser Pointers for Office Presentations

When you’re looking to make a professional impression on clients during a presentation, choose custom laser pointers from National Pen. Add your logo and contact information to these sleek branded laser pointers for maximum impact

Logo Laser Pointers for Educational Institutions

If you run a school or university, branded laser pointer pens are a must-have addition. Whether it’s delivering a lecture, presentation, or training programme, the laser allows you to clarify points and highlight any extra information. By adding your institute’s name to the pointer, you can achieve simple yet effective advertising and marketing.

Personalised Laser Pointers with Stylus

We offer two promotional laser pointers that feature a handy stylus, which makes it easy to swipe and select screens without touching. Choose your favourite design and customise with your own branding text.

• Sovereign Laser Stylus Ballpoint Pen: features a red laser pointer that can be seen from 50 meters. Plus, it features blue ballpoint ink and a stylus tip. • 4-in-1 Pen: this presentation pointer includes all the features your customers and employees could want, including a laser pointer, torch, ballpoint pen, and stylus tip.

Combine Laser Pointer Pens with Other Promotional Products

Pair laser pointer pens with other promotional office products, such as screen cleaners and portfolios for the ultimate gift. Or, choose from our wide range of technology gifts, including customised USB flash drives and power banks. These work great together and can allow all your customers to stay organised on the go and in the office.

Practical Giveaways

Find only the highest-quality promotional merchandise at National Pen. With a vast array of products, we have everything you’d need to promote your business effectively. Custom laser pointers are just one of the fantastic ways you can build brand visibility and give away a practical, versatile gift.