Work From Home Stationery

Save on Work from Home Must-Haves. Everything you need to make your team and customers feel at home. Save on Work from Home Must-Haves. Everything you need to make your team and customers feel at home. Save on Work from Home Must-Haves. Everything you need to make your team and customers feel at home.see less

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What are popular work from home products?

Whether you’re setting up a work from home space for yourself, your employees, or your customers, we’re here with working from home tips, like what products are necessary. These personalised items are not only thoughtful, but extremely useful. You’ll also find a range of price points to ensure you stay on budget.

Stylus Pens & Ballpoint Pens

The top work from home item is, of course, pens! It’s up to you which you prefer, whether that’s a smooth-writing ballpoint pen or one that comes with a stylus. Stylus pens offer even more value as they help you select and swipe on touchscreens. Another added benefit of stylus pens? You can go hands-free when pushing buttons at the bank or grocery store.

• Nash Wheat Straw Black Tip Ballpoint Pen: this classic ballpoint pen also has a cool, eco-friendly detail—it’s made from wheat straw!

• Cabaret Curvy Stylus Pen: with a curvy shape, coloured comfort grip, stylus top, and plenty of room or your message, it’s no wonder why this is a best-seller.

• Mythic Stylus Tip Pen: if you’d like a custom pen with a stylus tip, go for the Mythic.

Note Pages & Branded notebooks

Next up on our work from home essentials list are custom notebooks. Staying organized when working at home can be a challenge, so give your employees and customers a central place to jot down notes and to-do lists.

• Classic Office Notebook: the leatherette cover makes this notebook a classy gift, and the expandable back pocket keeps everything in its place.

• Venice Notepad & Pen Set: this set makes gifting even easier. It’s the perfect size for any desk, and easy to slip into purses and backpacks when on the go.

• Deluxe Accent Memo Booklet: multi-coloured sticky notes are ideal for remembering tasks, and this booklet comes with a rainbow of options.

Branded Headphones

Many working from home tips note that listening to music can increase productivity. And when you’re working from home, headphones do a great job of blocking out other noises to help focus on the task at hand.

• Round Shaped Headphones: these premium personalised products offer comfort and sound cancellation.

• Sargas Earbuds: for a budget-friendly option, choose these earbuds that come in a handy storage box.

Promotional Coffee Mugs & Thermal Mugs

What would working from home be without an endless supply of coffee and tea? Personalised mugs are the working from home products they’ll use again and again.

Alps Carabiner Mug: how cool is this mug? Instead of a normal handle, it features a carabiner and is made of sturdy stainless steel.

• Quantum White Mug: the ridges and unique handle make this white mug a standout.

• Challenger Mug: this travel mug comes with a snug lid and plenty of room for your imprint.

How do you set up a work from home workspace?

You need the obvious, like a desk, chair, and a computer. There are also working from home items that make it feel like your office—things like calendars, stress relievers, and tech products.

Round Stress Reliever: these are known to reduce stress and anxiety, and even relieve arthritis pain.

3 Month Desk Calendar: this multi-language calendar shows relevant holidays and stays upright on any desk.

Gaia 4-Port USB Hub: keep all your files safe and sound on this USB.

What are top working from home tips?

Working from home isn’t a normal practice for everyone, so it takes some time and tips to adjust. Here are our top working from home tips:

• For People with Kids: designate a part of the day for uninterrupted time with your child, so they know they have access to you at that time. When you need to hop on a conference call, have your partner step in, or set the kids up with an activity.

• For People with Pets: walk and feed them right before a conference call so you can focus.

• For People and Kids in School: create a designated space for learning, and equip it with headphones or earbuds so online learning tutorials are heard by just that student.

• For Staying Productive: while you may want to sink into the habit of wearing pajamas, changing into clothes can help your mind and body adjust to the idea that it’s now work time.

How do you keep remote employees engaged?

This is definitely a worry of many employers of remote workers. The number one piece of advice is to remember that you trusted your employees enough to hire them, so extend that thought to them working from home.

• Set up a Meeting App: there are many apps available to businesses to ensure you can meet and connect with your team. Set this up for them and walk them how to install the software on their computers.

• Create a Company Culture: to help empower your remote workers, let them in on what the company stands for, what the ultimate goals and metrics used to define them, and how each employee can support those goals.

We hope we’ve answered all your questions on work from home essentials and have gotten you prepared to set up your own space!