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It’s a Deal: Shop our Most Effective Promotional Items for under $1

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Cheap Promo Items Give First Impressions Second (and Third) Chances

Here at National Pen, we know that cheap promotional items can provide tremendous value to our customers. items under $1 can market your brand or business just as well or better than marketing efforts that cost 2-3x as much. And we’re not just saying that because we’re in the pen branding business.

Printing your business name and logo on our affordable promotional items, such as pens, bags, bottles, and calendars, produces a compounded return on investment (ROI). For every one intended customer who sees your logo, several more unintended customers will also see it. Because you get several impressions for the price of only one, promotional items under $1 have a high return despite their low cost.

Cheap Promo Item: Pens

Shopping for high impact promotional products under $1? Pens are a proven effective cheap promo item customers delight in receiving again and again. National Pen offers one of the widest selections of giveaways under $1, including stick pens, retractable pens, metallic pens, stylus pens and more.

Promotional Items under $1: Tote Bags

Because they are reused dozens of times – and have a can’t-miss display area – colorful tote bags are a high value promotional item for under $1.

Promo Gifts under $1: Drinkware

Customers use water bottles and stadium cups as part of their routine. For under $1, put your name on these promotional giveaways and become part of their day.

Personalized Gifts under $1: Stationery

For under $1, stamp your business name and logo on an assortment of frequently referenced calendars and pocket planners.

Cheap Promo Items Give First Impressions Second (and Third) Chances

According to a 2016 report by experts at the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional gifts under $1 have one of the lowest cost-per-impressions in all of advertising. Each time you print your business name, logo and phone number on giveaways under $1, that impression costs you less than a fraction of a penny. That’s less expensive than all other marketing options, including newspapers, radio and targeted internet and mobile phone advertising.

Popular Types of Cheap Promo Items:

When it comes to affordable promotional items, here are some high value favorites we’ve selected from our website:

  • Pens: As we mentioned promo pens offer some of the best value for all promo gifts under $1. Ubiquitous and unassuming, just about everyone enjoys receiving a pen. Moreover, it’s a gift that will be used -- and given away -- again and again.
  • Tote Bags: Reusable tote bags and handle bags for shopping are great promotional giveaways under $1. With your name and logo plainly imprinted on a standard 12-inch by 8-inch tote, shoppers everywhere can clearly see your brand.
  • Drinkware: People routinely carry water bottles with them throughout the day to stay hydrated. Imprint your logo on these high use promotional products under $1 and give them away at sporting events, meetings, and trade shows.
  • Stationery: Even though we live in a digital age, calendars much like clocks remain part of the office tapestry. When choosing among affordable promo products, calendars offer a high impression value because they’re an item you know people will be reading.