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    When ordering the color of your promotional products, there is more to consider than you might expect. Color is powerful, especially as it relates to the message and tone of your company, and to your overall brand identity. Understanding some of the basics of the psychology of colors can help you to make your choice.

    Yellow is a fantastic color for promotional products and is widely used by major corporations around the world. From the famous McDonald's arches, to Ikea, Wal-Mart, and Cheerios, yellow is broadly used in the world of company branding.

    So, why yellow? Yellow has the longest light wavelength, causing the widest emotional response. It is this long wavelength that makes yellow the strongest of all the colors. Associated with happiness, friendliness, self-confidence, and optimism, it is no surprise that so many companies have chosen to include yellow in their company logos and color schemes. A striking and bright color, yellow helps to draw attention in a pleasing and happy way.

    At National Pen, we are your source for more than just yellow promotional pens. We pride ourselves in being your partner - helping to strengthen your business relationships, increase brand awareness, and drive bottom line results. From our extensive line of yellow promotional products like pens, sports bottles, calendars, pins, tie clips, golf accessories, bags, bracelets, lanyards, and much more, you can find the perfect item to match your company image, as well as your marketing budget.

    Let us help you find the perfect yellow promotional products and get you geared up for your next big event!