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3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments

Celebrate the holidays with a truly unique promotion. Brilliant colors to choose from. Gold rope included.

Product Details:

  • Imprint Size: 1 3/4" Dia
  • Packaging: Individually gift boxed
Original Price: $2.99
Quantity Regular Price
100 $2.51
250 $2.42
500 $2.33
750 $2.24
1000 $2.15
2500 $2.06
+ $40.00  Setup Charge
What's this?
Promote your company in a unique and cheerful way with high-quality 3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments from National Pen. Regardless of the time of year, this is the kind of gift that's sure to draw plenty of attention. Most companies set up trees over the holidays, and this item makes an excellent decoration. In addition to being brightly colored, it will be emblazoned with the custom branding message of your choice.

When you buy these 3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments online from National Pen, you can choose from seven brilliant colors: gold, blue, red, white, green, purple and green. You can select a color that goes well with your current marketing materials so that it always reminds people of your business. No matter which color you choose, it can be a bright, cheery addition to any tree during the holidays.

Our custom 3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments come with gold rope that can be used to hang them from trees or other ornamental locations. Recipients will have everything they need to use their ornaments right away. They are individually packaged in attractive gift boxes as well, so there is no need to wrap them yourself; just start giving the packages away as soon as they arrive.

National Pen offers 3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments for sale at a very affordable price. We also offer extra discounts on bulk orders, so be sure to stock up. When you order these ornaments from us, we will customize them with the message you choose. We use a top-notch imprinting process, so your message will be easy to read and will stay intact for a long time. There are more than 12 imprint colors available, so achieving the perfect design is a breeze.

If you're attending a trade show near the holidays, bring these 3 1/4" Shatterproof Ornaments along and hand them out to promote your business. You can always order them in bulk and then give them away as you see fit. One thing is for sure: They can do a lot to enhance your marketing efforts and show your company's appreciation.

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