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How Can You Promote Your Business with Sustainable Merchandise?

When thinking of ways to be more sustainable, consider the small shifts you can make today. From switching to energy efficient LED bulbs to using FSC-certified packaging, each choice you make deliberately for the planet can have a lasting impact. And when it comes to promoting your business with sustainable merchandise, you can have a lasting impact on consumers as well.

According to a 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, 46% of consumers had a more favorable opinion of businesses who gave eco-friendly promotional products. With more people engaging in conscious consumerism, sustainable merchandise can help your business stand out with customers.

What Sustainable Corporate Gifts Are Trending Right Now?

When you’re buying for business partners and employees, it’s a great opportunity to show them what your business values. Sharing branded corporate gifts made from recycled, sustainable, or responsibly sourced materials has two great benefits:

  • First, you’ll improve morale by offering meaningful appreciation to those who work for and trust your business.
  • Secondly, you'll send a message about your company’s efforts to do right by the planet.

With many consumers and employees alike looking to improve their own eco-conscious choices, receiving sustainable promotional products from your company will leave a lasting impression on those you value most.

Popular sustainable corporate gifts to consider:

Bamboo Gifts

Did you know that bamboo is actually a type of grass? Yep, and that’s what makes bamboo wood so sustainable. It grows fast with little need for nutrients and water, making it a great substitute for tree wood. And customers love it too! Sought after for its minimalist, earthy aesthetic, bamboo is a stylish way to promote your brand. Be on the lookout for bamboo bottles, bamboo pens, and bamboo bottle openers.

Recycled Water Bottles & Tumblers

Reusable water bottles and travel tumblers have been one of the hottest giveaways to market your business in the past five years. Not only do these sustainable products cut down on single-use waste, they help customers to stay hydrated in style. But we can do even better for the planet. Branded recycled products, like RPET tumblers and water bottles, are created from recycled plastic. That means they’ve diverted items like single-use plastic bottles from landfills and instead generate more uses (and more positive branding) for your business.

How Do You Choose Responsibly Sourced Gifts?

For most consumers, it can be hard to know where products actually come from. That’s why responsibly sourced products are such a convenient choice for brands looking to buy consciously. When you purchase B Corp or FSC certified products, you can trust that the promotional items you’re putting your brand on and sharing have come from responsibly managed sources. These organizations do the work of researching and vetting products, so consumers can make better, informed choices. Here’s what each of these certifications really mean:

  • FSC Certified Products: These products, made from materials like FSC paper or bamboo, come from sources that have been certified as responsibly managed.
  • B Corp Certified Products: These products come from companies that meet strict criteria surrounding transparency and responsibility—from how materials are sourced to how they're produced.

(Tip: For more on promoting with FSC-certified products, check out our blog, FSC Paper: What Is It & How Can It Benefit My Business?)

Why Should You Switch to Recycled Promotional Products?

Consumers want options they can feel good about. Your business can stand out with customers by offering them recycled promotional products. And you’ve lots of recycled giveaways to choose from! Tons of materials can be recycled to divert products from the waste stream—from cotton to plastic. If you want on the recycled merchandise trend for your branded giveaways, check out recycled and sustainable promotional pens, sustainable cotton tote bags, recycled notebooks, and RPET bottles or tumblers.

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