Promote what matters to you with sustainable merchandise.

Why Are Sustainable Pens the Best Choice for Promoting Your Business?

Wondering which responsibly sourced or recycled promotional product is best for your brand? You can feel confident that no matter which sustainable promotional products you choose to promote your business, they’ll make for more impactful branding. Consumers continue to care more and more about using products that are made in a socially responsible way and from natural materials. Research shows that consumers feel more favorable about brands (like yours!) that are involved in conscious consumerism. And since writing instruments are the most frequently used promotional product,1 when you choose a sustainable or recycled pen, you take a proven promotional piece and make it even more effective.

Here are a few more reasons why a sustainable pen is a great choice in promotional merchandise:

  • Pens made of sustainable materials like bamboo or RPET (recycled plastic) are useful to recipients in many different settings.
  • Recycled pens often have a natural look and feel that is trendy and helps keep your logo or ad message in circulation.
  • Recycled promotional pens are the perfect size for generous distribution at customer service counters, special events, and direct mail. It is easy to find a style and price point to match your budget, while making it clear your small business values things like sustainability and responsible sourcing.

What Is an Example of a Sustainable Pen?

A sustainable pen is made from material that can be produced without depleting non-renewable resources and without disrupting environmental and natural resources equilibrium. Examples of sustainable materials are RPET (recycled plastic), cotton, jute, bamboo, and wheat straw. Look for a sustainable pen with a barrel made of recycled plastic, bamboo, or reclaimed wheat straw mixed with plastic.

Why Are Bamboo Pens Popular?

Bamboo pens have an earthy aesthetic that’s on trend, but that’s not all that makes them popular with customers. Because bamboo grows quickly, requires little water, is naturally pest-resistant, and regenerates after being harvested, it’s a very sustainable material to use in products. That means your business can feel good and look good with your logo on bamboo pens. The natural pattern and color variation of bamboo makes for an eye-catching design that draws attention to your custom message.

What Is an Example of a Recycled Pen?

A recycled promotional pen is made with a material that has been used before in another product. A popular material used in customized recycled pens is RPET. RPET is usually made from recycled water bottles.

How Are RPET Products Better for the Planet?

Material made from recycled plastic is called recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or RPET for short. It’s made from all kinds of plastic, especially plastic water bottles. Using RPET requires up to 50% less energy than production with new plastic. All kinds of products can be made from RPET, including reusable bags, notebook covers, and recycled pens like the carefully selected recycled promotional pens in our collection.

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