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Keep your brand in circulation with recycled bottles, bags, and more. Keep your brand in circulation with recycled bottles, bags, and more. Keep your brand in circulation with recycled bottles, bags, and more.see less

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Why Should I Shop for Recycled Promotional Products at

When you shop for your recycled promotional items at, you don’t have to give up selection or style to attach your small business brand to a cause many of your customers care about. From recycled totes to tumblers, pens to paper, we have it all. Many of our recycled promotional merchandise includes an “eco” tag that lets your customers know they can sport your giveaway with their head held high (and your brand top of mind).

How Can Recycled Promotional Items Benefit My Small Business?

More and more consumers factor their concern for the planet into all kinds of purchase decisions including food, clothing, cars, and more. When making financial savings and investment decisions, consumers can favor companies that demonstrate responsible sourcing, hiring, and production.

Likewise, there is a lot of interest in sustainable branded giveaway items. When a customer uses a recycled tote or notepad, they feel they (and you) are doing their part. Customize a recycled promotional product to connect with your customer around a shared respect for this amazing planet.

What Kinds of Recycled Promotional Items Can I Customize?

We offer our most popular styles of promotional merchandise, now made with recycled materials, so you can find exactly what you need in a recycled promotional product:

Bags: From totes to lunch coolers and drawstring bags to backpacks, it’s easy to find the perfect promotional bag made with recycled materials.

Drinkware: Add your ad message to a stainless steel tumbler with a recycled plastic liner, or welcome participants on race day with a water bottle made of recycled plastic.

Pens: Add your logo or ad message to a pen made of recycled plastic for brand visibility on a feel-good giveaway. Pair your pen with a recycled notepad and present your gift in a recycled tote for a perfect bundle.

Stationery: For students, employees, and event attendees, promote your business, cause, or event on stationery made with recycled paper. We like the 5.6''x 4'' Serena RPET Notebook & Pen Set, or the larger-sized 8.3"x 5.8" Serena RPET Notebook & Pen Set. These sets feature covers made of recycled plastic and even include a biodegradable pen to complete the vibe.

What Is RPET?

Material made from recycled plastic, especially plastic water bottles, is called recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or RPET for short. Using RPET requires up to 50% less energy than production with new plastic. All kinds of products can be made from RPET, including blankets, insulation, totes, cooler bags, and more.

What Are the Benefits of Recycled Cotton and Recycled Polyester for My Promotional Products?

When you choose a customized gift made of recycled material like cotton or polyester, you’re supporting products that use less energy and fewer resources, and reduce waste.

What Other Promotional Products Use Fewer Resources or Offer Global Benefits?

There are so many ways you can have an impact as you promote your small business. In addition to branded recycled products, you can choose sustainable promotional products that might include renewable or sustainable materials such as bamboo or jute. Look for FSC-certified promotional products which feature materials from responsibly managed forests. You can even customize a biodegradable promotional pen!

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