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What Kinds of Sustainable, Recycled, & Responsibly Sourced Bags Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of bags and shopping totes designed to help your brand achieve its goals of cutting down on plastic and incorporating more recycled, sustainable, and responsibly sourced materials. Some of our most popular custom styles include cotton totes, bamboo totes, recycled plastic cooler bags, and more. As we continue to expand our collection, keep checking back for all new promotional recycled bags, sustainable custom totes, and other merch made to give you a better way to brand.

How Can Custom Recycled Tote Bags and Other Giveaways Promote My Business?

Custom bags and totes are prime real estate for your brand to get the visibility it needs while meeting the needs of your customers. You can get recyclable bags with logo to replace plastic shopping bags, or stylish bamboo day totes for a more sustainable promotional giveaway. Whether you want gift bags to carry your trade show swag or custom recycled shopping bags to put your name on every purchase, you can find all sorts of recycled, sustainable, and responsible options on our site.

What Benefits Come from Promoting with Reusable Shopping Bags?

There are a lot of benefits for both your business and the planet when you ditch single use plastics and embrace reusable shopping bags. Here are just a few of the most notable benefits you can enjoy:

  • Grow your visibility: With a single use shopping bag, you get one chance to make an impression before your brand hits the trash. But with reusable bags, your logo will linger, keeping you top of mind wherever they go and eventually bringing them right back to your shop for more.
  • Improve brand loyalty: Customers are loyal to brands that they see often, use often, and who share common values. Today, consumers are overwhelmingly interested in brands that care about the planet. You can show your commitment to a better tomorrow with sustainable, recycled, and responsible products.
  • Cut down on single use plastics: Customers are tired of single use plastics cluttering up the planet, so give them what they want with better shopping options and merch that can be reused and recycled.
  • Embrace better branding practices: You can do more than just dodge plastics with our selection. You can promote your brand with custom recycled tote bags, sustainable styles, responsibly sourced materials, and more.

Which Custom Recycled Bags and Other Office Supplies Are Most Popular?

We have a lot of popular bag options to help you promote your brand. Here are just a few styles that are among our top performers:

Custom Sustainable Tote Bags

Sustainable styles are among our most popular custom bag options, including totes made from natural cotton, cork, bamboo, and more. You can also treat your employees to sustainably made RPET cooler bags, perfect for living consciously and eating fresh. Enjoy bags and totes made both for shopping and general home and office use – perfect for keeping your brand visible anytime, anywhere.

Promotional Recycled Bags

Everyone can agree that landfill clutter is a problem, so show your customers that you’re ready to be part of the solution with trendy bag styles made from recycled materials. Be the talk of the farmer’s market with recycled cotton mesh bags, and stand out in style with all-purpose recycled polyester totes. Enjoy better brand visibility with custom recycled shopping bags keeping your brand in circulation.

Natural Drawstring Backpacks

Everyone has had unwoven drawstring backpacks at some point or another, but nobody is going to throw out a high-quality drawstring bag when it features natural materials. Jute, cotton, bamboo, and more are available in our collection, creating natural styles that turn any drawstring backpack into a fashion statement. Put your brand on something customers are proud to show off with these natural styles and materials.

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