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Promote with natural materials like bamboo, jute, and organic cotton. Promote with natural materials like bamboo, jute, and organic cotton. Promote with natural materials like bamboo, jute, and organic cotton.see less

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What Renewable Resources Do You Use in Your Sustainable Promotional Products?

We’re adding new materials to our collection all the time, but you can always be sure to find the following natural materials used in our sustainable promotional products collection:


Soft and strong, cotton is a very popular natural material used in textiles. It is bio-degradable, durable, and easy to clean for maximum reusability. Many consumers prefer it over plastic and nonwoven materials for things like reusable shopping bags, and organic cotton is especially popular. While it isn’t as sustainable as bamboo or jute due to its high water consumption, it still holds a place in our collection for its ability to be reused, recycled, and to help reduce the use of plastic.


Bamboo is extremely sustainable due to its ability to grow fast and strong with little water or other resources. In fact, some bamboo can grow as fast as two and a half feet a day! This means that much more bamboo can be harvested than other natural materials in the same amount of time. With it, we can make fibers for textiles, barrels for sustainable pens, accents for tumblers, and more.


Another highly sustainable resource, jute grows faster than other crops with less water consumption, and is popular for textiles. Beyond being good for insulation and anti-static, this crop replenishes the soil it grows in, making it an excellent crop to rotate. Jute also replenishes our air, consuming about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare of crop and releasing 11 tonnes of oxygen. It is bio-degradable, recyclable, and an extremely popular renewable resource for custom sustainable tote bags.


Hemp grows from the cannabis plant and replenishes the soil it grows in, making it excellent for crop rotations. It requires very little water and creates very strong textiles, excellent for custom reusable bags and other sustainable promotional products. It requires no pesticides, produces more pulp per acre than trees, and virtually every part of the plant can be used. Hemp is also resistant to mold, mildew, pests, and even damage from ultraviolet light. It cleans the air, is biodegradable, and an excellent alternative plastic or even cotton.

What Benefits do Sustainable Items Offer?

Sustainable products help the planet in a variety of ways. Most consume fewer resources, replenish the earth or air, make durable reusable products, and/or are biodegradable. The benefits are good for the planet and consumers, offering more planet-friendly ways to create the same products. This is a stark contrast to plastics or even paper, which are often made in ways that are harmful to the environment and give nothing back to it in the process.

But sustainable promotional products are great for more than just the environment, they’re great for business! Consumers are increasingly showing preference for businesses and promotional products that employ innovative solutions to help the planet, and sustainable products make for excellent marketing. Sustainable items are also extremely cost effective. For example, materials like jute or hemp produce more materials in the same amount of time than other natural resources, allowing for faster product manufacturing. They also create extremely strong materials, meaning that they last longer, giving greater quality for lower costs.

How Can I Promote My Business With Sustainable Products?

Sustainable promotional items make excellent marketing materials, appealing to consumers’ need for products that are better for the environment. While hemp, jute, bamboo, and organic cotton are typically found displaying the brands of whole food stores and farmers markets, many businesses are joining the trend of seeking out and displaying their brands with sustainable materials.

Bamboo especially is used in many luxury items, both as decorative accents on tech and as a friendly alternative to plastic products. Using hemp, jute, organic cotton, and other natural materials sends a message to your customers that your business cares about them and the planet. Use sustainable promotional products for your next sales event, corporate meeting, vendor outreach, and more to send the right message about your business.

What Are Your Most Popular Sustainable Items?

We have a lot of popular promotional products in our sustainable collection, but many of our top performers come from these categories:

Sustainable Pens

Custom plastic and metal pens are always popular, but what if we could make something even better? If you’re ready to promote your business with sustainable items, custom sustainable pens are a great place to start! Enjoy trendy bamboo styles among other high-quality designs. After all, your brand is sure to look amazing with a touch of nature accenting it.

Custom Sustainable Totes & Bags

Jute, hemp, organic cotton, and more are waiting to carry your brand to new places with our custom sustainable totes and bags. Whether you want to offer a better shopping experience for your customers (and the planet) or just want your promotional gifts to contain the very best materials, these totes and bags are just what you need.

Sustainable Office & Stationary Products

Not all paper has to be tearing down forests. Did you know that paper can be made from all sorts of materials, including cotton, jute, and hemp? As our sustainable promotional products collection grows, look for paper that incorporates sustainable materials or is made with FSC certification for sustainable harvesting practices.

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