Promote what matters to you with sustainable merchandise.

What Kinds of Recycled Stationery and Other Office Supplies Do You Offer?

We offer a wide variety of sustainable, recycled, and responsibly sourced office products for you to promote with. This includes branded recycle notebooks with recycled paper, FSC-certified paper, RPET covers, and so much more. You can also find sticky notes, note caddies, mouse pads, and more being added all the time! Keep coming back as we grow our selection of office supplies designed to help you give better gifts, better promotions, and better merch.

How Can Recycled Branded Notebooks and Other Giveaways Promote My Business?

Companies of all sizes and industries are pushing to reduce their carbon imprint, be more sustainable, and incorporate more recycled and responsible sourced materials. Consumers are driving this demand by favoring companies that can show their dedication to the health and future of the planet, making it essential for growing companies to promote with the planet in mind. Our custom sustainable, recycled, and responsibly sourced office and stationery products help eco-minded businesses promote to consumers, vendors, and executives in a more responsible way.

So for your next trade show, industry event, company conference, or even employee giveaway, don’t offer products that send the wrong message. Show your company values in the materials you use and the gifts that you give. With responsible, sustainable, and recycled stationery and other office giveaways, you can appeal to eco-minded customers while doing better for the planet.

What Benefits Come from Using Sustainable, Recycled, & Responsibly Sourced Products?

Choosing to promote with products like custom recycled notebooks and RPET note caddies benefits both your business and the environment. Here’s how:


Sustainable materials such as bamboo allow more products to be made while consuming fewer resources (like water, land, etc.) This means that not only are you consuming less of the planet’s resources, but these products are also cheaper. The more they are bought and circulated, the cheaper these products become as bulk production becomes more available. Other alternatives, like recycled plastic or RPET, help reduce waste and carbon emissions. Not only does this allow companies to more easily meet federal regulations in their production, but it also enables even small businesses to meet the growing trend of conscious consumerism.


Why take from the environment when you can reuse what you already have? Recycled products have become extremely popular for reducing waste and encouraging the fall of single-use plastics. Recycled paper in particular helps reduce deforestation by reducing the need to cut down new trees, and even recycled textiles are on the rise for reducing wasted material. By using recycled products, your company is both reducing waste and showing your business values in a way customers find appealing.

Responsibly Sourced

Being responsibly sourced is about more than just the environment. Responsible sourcing also seeks to encourage fair labor practices and avoid illegal harvesting operations. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) makes this one of their top priorities in certifying responsibly sourced paper, making it one of the best certifications to seek out when choosing stationary products. As you work to protect the rights of fair labor, you’re also protecting your own rights by ensuring a standard of fair practices across industries.

Which Recycled Stationery and Other Office Supplies Are Most Popular?

We have a lot of popular office products that are sustainable, recycled, and responsibly sourced. Here are a few categories that carry our top performing products, designed to encourage conscious promotional practices:

Custom Recycled Notebooks

With covers made from recycled leather, cotton, and more, plus custom recycled paper notebooks, these notebooks are a fantastic way to promote your brand while cutting down on waste. Perfect for meetings, office gifts, and trade shows, our notebooks are a great way to show your new conscious marketing while putting your name where all the good ideas happen.

FSC Paper Products

There’s a lot of great things to say about FSC certified paper, and that’s why we’re working to grow our collection all the time! Promoting sustainable forestry and fair labor practices, the FSC allows you to shop smarter and promote more consciously.

RPET Products

Did you know that RPET produces fewer carbon emissions than virgin PET? That means that every time you substitute RPET for PET in your products, whether that’s in your marketing pens, promotional notebook covers, and other giveaways, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. That’s just one of many reasons why RPET has become increasingly popular in our own products as well as to consumers in general.

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