Promote what matters to you with sustainable merchandise.

What Makes RPET, Sustainable, and Responsibly Sourced Drinkware a Better Branding Choice?

When you promote your small business, fundraiser, or special event with sustainable items, you let your recipients know your brand cares about global concerns like recycling, responsible sourcing, and sustainability. If your customized natural gift is a piece of drinkware, you get the added bonus of prominent, year-round visibility among customers and prospects at work, travel, and school.

Do My Customers Really Care About Things Like Biodegradable Water Bottles?

Yes, and they are vocal about it, too! Customize sustainable drinkware for your next campaign and you’re ahead of the competition right from the start. According to a recent report coming out of the Wharton School:

  • Consumers across all generations are willing to spend more for sustainable products.
  • Younger generations support brands that support their own values and causes, and influence their parents and grandparents to do the same.
  • Many consumers rank product sustainability even higher than brand name with making purchase decisions.

Attach your small business name to sustainability values and practices by customizing a responsibly sourced mug, tumbler, or other piece of drinkware.

What Kinds of RPET, Sustainable & Responsibly Sourced Drinkware Can I Customize?

Our collection of RPET and sustainable drinkware is growing every day as we develop our own drinkware products and work with trusted partners for others. Our growing selection includes trendy styles and natural features for many different budgets and occasions.

You can add your logo or ad message to a travel mug made out of recycled plastic that comes with a handle for easy carrying. Or customize a wheat straw coffee cup that’s made of reclaimed wheat stalk mixed with plastic. Our glass water bottle with a bamboo lid says natural, sturdy, and stylish. Look for sustainable promotional coffee mugs and branded RPET water bottles.

Increase the value of your promotional investment when you choose RPET, sustainable, or responsibly sourced drinkware for your next campaign.

What Is RPET Drinkware?

Drinkware made from recycled plastics, especially single-use plastic water bottles, is called RPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Using RPET requires up to 50% less energy than production with new plastic. Examples of drinkware made with RPET or including RPET trim may include custom recycled water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs.

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What Is Sustainable Drinkware?

Sustainable branded water bottles, promotional mugs, and other drinkware are made from sources that require fewer resources (like water) to grow. They are also renewable, meaning they regrow after harvesting. Examples of sustainable materials include bamboo, cork, and wheat stalk. Look for a coffee mug made with wheat stalk or trimmed with bamboo or cork.

What Is Responsibly Sourced Drinkware?

When a drinkware product is certified as responsibly sourced it means that all along the supply chain, materials and services are used in an ethical, sustainable, and socially conscious way. Certification can come from different entities including FSC®, B Corp®, and others.

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What Other Recycled or Sustainable Promotional Product Can I Customize?

We offer a wide range of customized products that allow you to support conscious consumerism as you promote your small business, fundraiser, school, or special event. Shop recycled, sustainable, and responsibly sourced pens, bags, drinkware, and stationery to find the perfect fit.

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