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Any savvy marketer knows that it is crucial to put their brand in front of clients and prospects as often as possible. While this can be accomplished in an expensive and elaborate fashion - like television spots, radio and print ads, and online marketing through social media or fixed advertisements, there is a less expensive way.

Promotional marketing using free giveaway items is a sound method and has been proven to increase customer loyalty, foster better retention figures, and increase sales and profitability for companies of all sizes. The deciding factor for any marketing manager is striking the balance between cost and benefit. Sure, you can flood the market with hundreds of thousands of dollars of promotional items, but you'll end up running out of working capital quickly. Approach marketing with too stingy an approach and you'll find that no one knows about your business. You'll need to do the math and determine what your marketing budget can handle, but while you're doing that, we'll offer you a "buy one, get some free" promotion that will help you reach more customers - for less money.

At National Pen, we're committed to being your provider of highly effective and cost efficient marketing products, including pens, mugs, drink ware, tote bags, office supplies, home and auto products, and much more. Pens are a terrific promotional item, and with our buy one, get some free special, you'll have an ability to receive substantially more product than before - at less cost. This means more marketing ability, more customers reached, better pricing per unit, and more clients and prospects looking at your logo the next time they reach for their pen, desk calendar, or other promotional piece.

Much of our promotional marketing materials are proudly made here in the USA. This means consistent quality, factory direct pricing, quick delivery from state of the art warehouses, and most importantly - job growth across the nation. Our buy one, get some free promotion is exactly what your business needs to ensure consistent, sustained growth. The cost of acquiring new customers is usually estimated to be between $250 and $1000. Promotional marketing will help you win new clients, as well as assist you in retaining your existing portfolio. Whether you're looking for more impact at a tradeshow, or want to reinforce an existing marketing campaign, our buy one, get some free promo is the perfect partner to your high-impact marketing ideas.