• Custom Promotional Wall Calendars

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    Wall calendars are a great bargain for promotional purposes. With a very low cost per unit, your investment is guaranteed to pay off all year long. Calendars increase customer loyalty due to a high-perceived value. Here are a few marketing ideas for customizing the promotional message on your giveaway calendars:

    Nature Wall Calendars: When it comes to calendars, you can't appeal to everyone's personal interests. However, nature calendars are a safe bet. You don't risk offending any particular group, yet nature is relaxing and appreciated almost universally. Plus, they give an outdoor scenic quality for offices and cubicles. If you can't decide which calendar to use for your promotion, then choose those with scenes of nature.

    Include Your Website: Do you have a website? If so, then include the web address on your promo wall calendars. Internet marketing efforts pay off better when combined with traditional offline media. Combine the offer with weekly specials, coupons or other discounts to increase return traffic to your website.

    Time of Year: Calendar giveaways work best near the end of the year as the upcoming New Year approaches. Remember to order your next year's calendars early enough to take advantage of the season. Retailers will benefit by distributing calendars prior to Black Friday. If you have any leftover stock, then those are great for after-Christmas sales too. Be sure to prepare for calendar giveaways to benefit the most from this low-cost promotional item.

    Increase Referrals: Do you have clients or customers who rave about you? If so, give them some extra calendars to give to friends and family. Not only does it increase your word-of-mouth marketing, but you also benefit from the reinforcement of reminding referrals to place your business on their to-do list.

    Mobile Marketing: Smart phones and tablet PCs are all the rage now. If you employ marketing that works with these devices, such as QR codes or text messages, then include these on your calendars too.

    At National Pen, we guarantee your wall calendars for the highest quality. Likewise, you always get our lowest available price. Browse our selection and click the "customize" button to preview your message or logo on any item.