Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Kits: Top Picks for Giveaways

Ongoing precautions due to COVID-19 are forcing customers to think and shop differently. More customers are favoring businesses who go the extra mile for their safety. That means they’re paying attention to the touches you’ve added around your establishment. Things like social distancing signage, extra masks, and antimicrobial pens at checkout allow customers to feel comfortable shopping. Face mask and hand sanitizer kits are also becoming a popular in-store safety staple. These all-in-one kits make it easy to offer the essentials without the headache of sourcing each individual new product.

Why Offer Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Kits?

Kits are great for a few reasons. First of all, they’re cost effective. Rather than customizing several different health and safety products for your business, you can personalize one product that has everything customers need. This saves you on customizing setup fees, while still offering a variety of items for your customers.

Best Products to Have in Your Safety Kit

Safety kits are nothing new, but the ones that customers are looking for right now have swapped the bandages out for more relevant items. Here’s what your safety kit should include:

  • Face Masks
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Antiseptic Wipes
  • Gloves
  • Stylus Pen (for no-touch tech use)

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Things to Know About Hand Sanitizer:

  • Percentages Matter: In order to be effective, your hand sanitizer should contain between 60% and 95% ethyl alcohol.
  • Spray or Gel: Both spray hand sanitizer and gel hand sanitizer are effective. Spray goes on in a liquid form and dries faster. Gel is the more typical.
  • Hand Sanitizer Expiration: If you’re worried about hand sanitizer expiration dates, note that hand sanitizer which is unopened (like in a single-use packet) will remain stable and effective for a long period of time, and the shelf-life on opened bottles of hand sanitizer is still up to about three years.

Tip: To learn more about hand sanitizer, check out our in-depth blog post on the types and benefits of hand sanitizer giveaways.

Types of Face Masks to Pack in Your Kit

You’ve probably heard a lot about the different types of masks. There are cotton masks, nonwoven masks, polyester masks, and so much more. For the purposes of building out your mask and sanitizer kits, we’re covering two types of masks—disposable and reusable. If you’re interested in finding more detailed information on face mask options and efficacy, read our blog entirely on face masks.

  1. Disposable Face Masks: Disposable masks, often made of nonwoven fabric, are a great option for those business like hotels looking to equip customers with a single-use option to use on site.
  2. Reusable Face Masks: Made of washable fabric that can be printed with your logo, reusable face masks are effective in blocking out harmful aerosols and include the added benefit of bringing visibility to your brand.

Customizing Mask and Sanitizer Kits

Now that you have some idea of what you want in your essential safety kit, find the one that will best work for your business. These are our top picks for face mask and hand sanitizer kits:

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The Out-And-About PPE Kit

Contents include:

  • Stylus Pen
  • Single-use Gloves
  • Disposable Face Mask
  • Packet of Hand Sanitizer
  • Antiseptic Wipes

The Convention Kit with Essentials and Lanyard

Contents include:

  • Hand Sanitizer Packet
  • Single-use Face Mask
  • Lanyard to Carry It All In

The Custom Back-to-Work Kit

Contents include:

  • Custom Gel Hand Sanitizer Bottle
  • Branded Reusable Face Mask

Essential Protection Kit with Full Color Branding

Contents include:

  • Citrus-scented Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer
  • Reusable Face Mask
  • Lip Balm

Super Shopper PPE Kit

Contents include:

  • Branded Fanny Pack
  • Disposable Face Mask
  • Stylus Pen
  • Gel Hand Sanitizer Packet

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