6 Essential Social Distancing Products Your Business Needs

If your business had to shut down during the quarantine due to COVID-19, you probably missed seeing your customers. So much so, you may want to hug them. Keep them close. Never let go! Alas, safety protocols and basic etiquette ask that you maintain a little distance. So how do you ensure a safe space for your beloved customers? That’s where social distancing products become your new best friends.

You don’t have to choose between safety and doing business.

Establishing proper safety measures can actually increase the amount of business you do. As more companies reopen, customers are looking to see what precautions have been implemented to help them stay healthy. What are they looking for? Things like hand washing stations, masks on employees, and shields at checkouts are easy to spot and instill a sense of confidence in consumers.

To make sure that you’re checking all your clients’ boxes, take a look at which social distancing products are popular right now.

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Social Distancing Tips for Business


Customers can breathe a little easier knowing everyone in your company is doing their part to maintain a safe environment for them to shop in.

Reusable Masks

Reusable face masks are great for giving out to employees because they can be washed and reused like any other part of their uniform. That means you won’t have to keep buying more disposable masks for every shift. Plus, as these masks can be customized with your company art or message, reusable masks are also great merchandise to offer for sale.

Disposable Masks

What happens when a customer wants to shop, but they don’t have their own mask? As long as you have a supply of disposable masks to offer, that customer can patron your business. Have some single-use masks on hand for whenever customers or employees forget their masks at home.

Safety Shields

Not all things can be done from a distance. That includes one of the most important aspects of your business—checkout! When customers are cashing out, they’ll have to come within six feet of employees. Safety barriers ensure that transaction happens, well, safely.

Counter Top Safety Shield

This safety shield sits on top of your counter, and has a slot at the bottom where money and receipts can be exchanged.

Hand Sanitizer

Customers like to inspect things before they make a purchase. They’ll pick items up, scroll through them, and maybe even grab a cart to set the items in—all of which means customers will be touching things in your business that other customers may have touched before. Providing hand sanitizer allows customers to know they can touch away and still leave your business with squeaky clean hands.

Hand Washing Stations

These hand sanitizer dispensing stations are visible and easily accessible. Set one up by the door for incoming and outgoing customers.

Small Hand Sanitizer Bottles in Bulk

For businesses who want to gift their clients something with their branding, consider small hand sanitizer bottles labeled with your logo and company info!

Safety Signs

Navigating in this new age can be difficult, and that includes how exactly customers are supposed to shop in your store. Make it easier for customers with safety signs that guide their experience.

Floor Decals for Social Distancing

This floor decal will remind customers to space out while waiting in line.

Health Safety Poster

Use a hygiene poster to remind customers and employees of the important health tips we all need to follow.

Door Sign

Whether you need to let customers know that you’re open or to signal where they should enter, you can create a custom door sign they won’t likely miss.

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Social Distancing in Office Spaces?

Water cooler chats are bound to change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fun and safe office dynamic. Here are some recommendations for creating a new and improved workspace with office social distancing:

  • Space Out: Desks and seating should be at least six feet apart.
  • Use Desk Shields: Create a safety barrier between seated employees and visiting clients.
  • Set Up Hygiene Stations: Equip the office with hand sanitizing stations or provide a bottle of hand sanitizer to each employee.
  • Use Antimicrobial Pens: Provide antimicrobial pens for employees and clients to prevent the spread of germs.

How are you implementing workplace social distancing? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram to show off the custom signs, health-focused giveaways, and other safety measures that you’ve put into action. We’d love to share your creative ideas with other small businesses looking to transition their space.

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