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How Your Business Can Celebrate World Social Media Day Day

There are a lot of fun holidays out there, from World Emoji Day to International Cat Day. But right now, we’re getting ready to celebrate World Social Media Day—and we think you should, too! After all, social media is an amazing tool for all kinds of small businesses.  

Keep reading to learn more about what social media day is, and get inspired with ideas for celebrating this special holiday.  

When is Social Media Day in 2024?

Social media is an important tool for everyday use—but June 30 is the official celebration date. Social Media Day is on June 30 every year, and this year, that falls on a Sunday. Make the most of that weekend with plenty of posting, activity, and engagement on your go-to social channels! 

What is Social Media Day?

World Social Media Day began in 2010, and was created by Mashable, a digital media platform. According to Mashable, this holiday recognizes and celebrates social media’s impact on global communication. After all, just about everyone and every business has some kind of presence on social media—and June 30 celebrates that connectedness.  

Why Is Social Media So Important for Small Businesses?

Social media is an amazing, budget-friendly tool for small businesses of all kinds. In the words of Carly Zumar, Social Media Specialist at 

“Social media marketing offers small businesses the chance to engage with consumers, develop a strong brand image, and achieve sales objectives. Additionally, it enhances your marketing efforts by connecting you directly with end users, allowing you to reach out, interact with them, and gather their feedback. Social media serves as an excellent platform to broadcast your presence—and share information about your products, services, and achievements!” 

How to Celebrate Social Media Day

1. Get Posting!

A social post is the best way to celebrate World Social Media Day! Whether a reel on Instagram or a post on Facebook, make sure your brand shows up on June 30. Using social media for your business is all about consistency. So, after your World Social Media Day post, take some time to schedule other posts or even create a calendar to hold yourself accountable. Your business will thank you! 

2. Run a Giveaway

Delight your followers—and attract new ones—by running a giveaway through your favorite social channel. You can give away a bundle of swag, a high-value promotional item, a free service, or even a gift card. Instagram is a popular channel for brand giveaways. Most Instagram giveaways collect entries by encouraging users to follow the giveaway account, like the giveaway post, comment on it, and tag another user.  

3. Engage with Your Audience

You’re a small business owner—and responding to comments and messages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok might be at the bottom of your to-do list. But since it’s World Social Media Day, carve out a little bit of time to engage with followers and prospects.  

4. Explore a New-to-You Platform

There are so many social platforms out there—and while you might feel like you’ve mastered Facebook, it’s never a bad idea to branch out! Use this holiday as an opportunity to try something new, whether it’s Pinterest, TikTok , YouTube, or LinkedIn.  

5. Offer an Exclusive Discount

Excite your social followers with a special discount. It’s a perfect way to say ‘thanks’ for following your business—and boost sales! Create a promo code that shoppers can use on your website, or encourage followers to mention your social post for a surprise freebie when they visit your business in person.  

6. Find Accounts to Follow

Like social media, the small business world is all about community. Following other users is a great way to grow your own community and forge new connections, whether it’s with micro-influencers, local businesses, or prospective customers. 

7. Shout Out Other Small Businesses

Speaking of community…celebrate other small businesses by sharing their accounts or posts with your followers. Whether it’s a simple re-post on Instagram or a Facebook round-up of other businesses in your neighborhood, show support to other entrepreneurs this World Social Media Day. 

Allison Russo

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