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    Promotional Tape Measures with Custom Logo

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    • Customized GadgetGuy 3-in-1 Key Chain

      GadgetGuy 3-in-1 Key Chain

      As low as $1.09 each!

    • Customized Tape-A-Matic Key Tag

      Tape-A-Matic Key Tag

      As low as $0.54 each!

    • Customized Tape-A-Matic Tape Measure

      Tape-A-Matic Tape Measure

      As low as $0.92 each!

    • Customized Soft Vinyl Tape Measure

      Soft Vinyl Tape Measure

      As low as $1.18 each!

    • Customized Compact Travel Tool

      Compact Travel Tool

      As low as $2.57 each!

    • Customized Tape Measure

      Tape Measure

      As low as $0.82 each!

    • Customized Transparent Tape-A-Matic

      Transparent Tape-A-Matic

      As low as $0.60 each!

    • Customized Handy 5ft. Tape Measure

      Handy 5ft. Tape Measure

      As low as $0.62 each!

    • Customized 16 Foot Tape Measure

      16 Foot Tape Measure

      As low as $2.55 each!

    Order Custom Keychain Tape Measures & More

    Build your brand or business with promotional items that your recipient will actually use. When you need to pass out a promo to associates or clients, why not provide them with one of these great imprinted tape measures? These items are perfect for passing out at trade shows, expos, conferences and corporate events. With the high quality of these promotional tools, you can be certain your recipient will remember your business and logo long after the event has concluded. Each time they pick up one of these personalized tape measures, they will think of you.

    By giving your recipients one of these customized promos, you will be building your brand well into the future. Choose from full-size tape measures or convenient tape measure key tags. Even if you are not in the building and construction industry, these measuring tapes are the perfect choice for your next promotional campaign. The ability to quickly and accurately take a measurement is always important, making measuring tapes in high demand. These promo tools are items your recipient will not only appreciate receiving but will definitely put to use.

    The key to choosing an effective promotional item is to choose one that will fit your budget and help you to spread the word about your business. These handy personalized tape measures are the perfect tool for accomplishing all of those goals. At such a low price per item, you can easily stock up on these promos and hand them out to valued customers, prospects or employees. Whether they are used on the job or at home, these quality tape measures will provide you with high brand visibility. Add your contact information to ensure your prospects can always reach you. Choose from a vibrant array of colors to customize your promotional tape measures to perfectly match your company image.