5 Hot Trends for Cooler Backpacks

How to describe the magic that is the custom cooler backpack? Picture this: You’re the belle of the ball at the beach bonfire, even when you show up late. You turn heads at the park concert, and not because of your dancing. You’re the reason your hiking group can celebrate the summit with chilled drinks instead of canned beans. The common denominator? You arrived with a cooler backpack.  

That’s the lifestyle you can offer employees and customers when you hand out custom cooler backpacks with your company logo. Read on for the 5 best trends in promotional cooler backpacks, including our picks for the hottest styles. 

Why Do We Love a Cooler Backpack?

Whether it’s a cooler for backpacking or a custom cooler backpack for a picnic, tailgating, or road trip, cooler backpacks offer unique benefits: 

  • Insulated: Cooler backpacks are designed with lightweight, insulated materials that keep heat out, so food and drinks stay cold longer. This makes food and drink taste better and also helps maintain freshness.
  • Hands-Free: Custom cooler backpacks help your recipients juggle kids, towels, blankets, beach chairs, and more, while still showing up with fresh food and cold beverages.
  • Accessory-Friendly: Most coolers for backpacking and everyday use include external pockets and compartments for keys, phones, water bottles, and more.

What Are the Latest Styles in Custom Cooler Backpacks?

Today’s cooler backpacks aren’t just for the great outdoors. Check out the latest trends, designed for work, play, school, and travel: 

  1. Sophisticated Cooler Backpacks: For city slickers and fashionistas, who says a cooler backpack can’t be stylish? This Porter Collection Backpack Cooler rocks a heathered gray exterior with black trim and extra compartments for essentials.
  1. Hiking Cooler Backpacks: For recipients partial to hitting the trail, styles like this Expedition 24-Can Cooler Backpack, with wide straps for a comfortable carry, are great for camping, hiking, and bike riding. The elastic cord on top helps to secure accessories. When you give a custom hiking backpack cooler, your recipients know you’re serious about them enjoying the great outdoors!
  1. Koozie® Brand Cooler Backpacks: When you want your custom cooler backpack to make a strong statement among the seriously sporty, this KOOZIE® Olympus Kooler Backpack does the job—and keeps ice cold for up to 30 hours to boot! Make your recipient the star of the show, or the tailgating event, or the camping trip, with a hardcore cooler backpack.
  1. Picnic-Ready Cooler Backpacks: Encourage your customers and employees to chillax in style with this Café Cooler Backpack & Picnic Set. It keeps drinks and snacks colder and includes everything they need for sophisticated dining outdoors, including plates, napkins, mugs, stainless steel utensils, and a separate compartment for drinks! Great for tailgating and kids’ sporting events.
  1. Multi-Use Cooler Backpacks: This 20-Can Backpack Cooler is perfect for work, day trips, and overall stylish packing of lunch, snacks, and beverages. The streamlined design and sleek style are suitable for any environment, from picnics to professional settings. For all lunch-specific coolers, check out our full collection of custom insulated lunch bags.

How Can I Pick the Perfect Custom Cooler Backpack?

When choosing the right cooler backpack, consider your brand, budget, and occasion: 

  • Brand: If your business is involved in fitness or the outdoors, choose a backpack that is rugged with comfortable straps. If your business provides a professional service, choose a backpack that is sleek with muted colors.
  • Budget: Depending upon your budget, choose to give high-end promotional cooler backpacks, like the KOOZIE® Olympus Kooler Backpack, to a select group of employees or customers. Pick a high quality though less expensive option for broader distribution, like the Expedition 24-Can Cooler Backpack.
  • Occasion: If your recipients are headed for a team picnic, choose a cooler backpack that is picnic themed and includes plates and utensils. If you’re welcoming new employees and want to include a custom cooler backpack as part of new hire orientation, choose a smaller, low-profile  option like the KOOZIE® Kooler Backpack.

Give Cooler Backpacks for a Cool, Cool Summer

A promotional cooler backpack allows you to stay top of mind with customers while they make memories with family and friends. As an employee gift, you can show your team you care about their leisure time with a custom cooler backpack at your next gift-giving occasion. Here’s to fresh food, cold drinks, and hot branding.  

Looking for More Promotional Cooler Options?

For more ways to promote your brand while helping your recipients enjoy a fresh meal or cold drink at work or on the go, check out our collection of custom coolers and lunch bags

Karleen Wise Andersen

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