Brand Colors, Green Edition: The Best Green Promotional Products

Whether you’re choosing your company colors or just creating a seasonal promotion, your choice of color has a major influence on customer impressions. Different colors carry certain meanings and subconscious associations, so careful selection is necessary to ensure you’re sending the message you’re going for. 

Today, we’re focusing on the color green. What does it mean in branding, and how do customers receive it? We’ll cover this, plus show you some of our favorite green promotional items that you can customize to promote your business. 

What Does the Color Green Symbolize?

While most people today associate green with eco-friendliness, it has far more connotations that go much deeper than the latest marketing fad of greenwashing. On the one hand, green has long been associated with the fresh, vibrant energy of nature and rebirth, as well as creativity, good luck, and wealth. However, it’s not easy being green; just like any other color, it has its negative connotations. Throughout history, green has been used to represent things like greed and envy. People also have been found to naturally distrust the color green, and it has been used accordingly in the media. For example, lime green has long been the favorite of Disney villains, and tricksters like Loki are typically clad in green. Some phrases that highlight these connotations include “feeling a little green,” “ 

With color marketing, choosing the right hue is just as important as choosing the right color to get the connotations you want. For example, shamrock green is used to convey a feeling of luck and prosperity, whereas a more olive green is tied to wisdom or the ancientness of nature. Natural, neutral shades of green can be very calming, but harsh, florescent shades can do the opposite.  

What Types of Businesses Should Use Green?

Just about any business has the potential to work with any color, so long as they choose the right shades and gradients. However, green in marketing will naturally be associated with some industries more than others. For example: 

  • Because of its association with nature and growth, green in branding is often used in the wellness industry for things like spas, herbal remedies, and health food stores.
  • Industries associated with creativity and adventure also often use green in their marketing, such as for outdoor recreational venues and artistic workshops.
  • Businesses across all industries also use the color green to suggest eco-friendly or sustainable practices and materials.

While green has many positive connotations, it’s important that you are careful to avoid the negative associations as well. For example, while green is associated with renewal, it’s not a color associated with trust the way blue is. So business that rely heavily on customer trust, like tech businesses and investment companies, may consider opting for blue instead of green in their central branding color scheme. 

Remember, your colors should be based on your company’s core values, not the other way around. Choose your desired messaging and impressions first, then find the colors that best represent your intentions. 

Our Favorite Green Promotional Products

Want to find the perfect products to leave your competition green with envy? Check out this list of green promotional items to help showcase the best of your branding. 

Large Water-Resistant Lila Shopping Tote

Save a little green while showing off your favorite branding color with this stylish and affordable tote! Water-resistant with a large capacity, this is the perfect shopper to help cut down on single-use plastic in your store. 

Himalayan Tumbler – 20 oz

This gorgeous travel tumbler offers the perfect canvas for your custom logo! Give your customers freshness and flavor with this tumbler’s robust insulation and sturdy stainless steel construction. 

Large Cotton Canvas Yacht Tote

This trendy green tote offers a luxurious feeling with its deep emerald color and soft but sturdy cotton material. Customers will love the zippered closure and reinforced design to keep their essentials secure in the most stylish way. 

22 oz. Eli Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug

Looking for some brighter colors to give that high-energy feeling? This zesty lime-green tumbler offers style and robust vacuum insulation for a drinking experience that tastes as fresh as it looks. 

Engraved Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus®

This popular stylus pen comes in a variety of deep, bold colors, including a vibrant forest green that customers will adore alongside your logo. Perfect for any branding situation, these promotional pens are a hit everywhere they go. 


Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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