Cool Quotes for Wedding Koozie® Can Coolers!

Here comes the beer! We mean the bride, of course, but when the betrothed are officially hitched and it’s time for the reception, inside jokes and special memories should be flowing freely—so cold drinks (and fun party favors!) are a must. Here’s where funny wedding Koozie® can coolers come in. Learn how to customize a Koozie® product with the perfect quote or saying to make your wedding the intimate and memorable affair you’re after!  

Why Make Koozie® Can Coolers Part of Your Special Day?

Planning a wedding is all about the details, and those special touches can make a big day truly unforgettable. You’re pouring your heart (and maybe a few tears!) into creating a celebration that reflects the unique love story Cupid’s golden tipped arrow has struck. Custom Koozie® can coolers for your wedding are a perfect way to add a fun, functional favor that your guests will love! And the best wedding Koozie® ideas include a quote or saying that speaks to the couple and the occasion. Read on for all the inspo you need to add a personal touch, dry hands, and a practical party favor to your big day.  

Are Wedding Koozie® Can Coolers Worth It?

Absolutely. Koozie® can (and bottle!) coolers keep drinks refreshingly cold, protect hands from condensation, and come in a variety of styles to match your wedding and reception theme. Plus, they’re a cute keepsake your guests can use long after the party’s over. 

How Much Do Custom Koozie® Can Coolers Cost?

The cost depends on the quantity you order, the material (foam or neoprene) involved, and any special features such as a carabiner or a zipper. As an example, your price per piece could be as low as $0.72 or as high as $3.19. But don’t worry, you’ll find that Koozie® brand products are a budget-friendly favor that won’t break the bank! Add to that the fact that sayings for wedding Koozie® can coolers can be as personal as you’d like, and you have a low-cost, high-value reception decoration in everyone’s hand! 

How Many Koozie® Can Coolers Should I Buy?

A good rule of thumb is to order one Koozie® can cooler per guest. This ensures everyone gets one, and there might even be a few extras for the happy couple! 

What Should I Print on My Wedding Koozie® Can Coolers?

There’s a quote for every wedding vibe, so let your creativity shine! Here are some wedding Koozie® can cooler ideas and sayings to get you started: 

Classic and Romantic:

  • “[Couple’s Names]’ Big Day” (with the wedding date)
  • “Happily Ever After Starts Now.”

Playful and Lighthearted:

  • “’I Do’ Crew” (for the wedding party)
  • “Officially Off the Market!”
  • “Two Fewer Fish in the Sea.”

A Nod to Libations:

  • “Happily Ever After, One Sip at a Time”
  • “Love is Brewing”
  • “Cheers to the Newlyweds!”
  • “Drinks Are Flowing, and So Is the Love!”

Monogrammed Elegance:

  • The couple’s initials in a fancy font
  • The “&” symbol with the last name(s)

Tip: Consider your wedding theme! Are you going for a rustic barn wedding? Beachy vibes? Choose colors and fonts to match your overall aesthetic. 

Wedding Koozie® Can Cooler Ideas: Beyond the Saying

While sayings are a great way to personalize your Koozie® can coolers, don’t stop there! Here are some more wedding Koozie® ideas: 

  • Incorporate your wedding colors or theme
  • Add your names and wedding date
  • Get creative with fonts and designs
  • Include a funny illustration or inside joke

Tip: Pair your custom can cooler with other personalized wedding favors for a bundle of keepsakes your guests will treasure forever.  

Wedding Koozie® Can Coolers: Have It Your Way!

Are you a Bridezilla—or planning a wedding with one? If so, have no fear! makes it easy to create custom wedding Koozie® products that reflect your unique style. With a wide variety of colors, fonts, and design options, the possibilities are endless! 

Tip: For an extra special touch, consider offering different Koozie® brand designs for the wedding party (think “best man” or “bridesmaid”) or create separate coolers for the bride’s side and the groom’s side.  

Go the Distance with a Custom Koozie® Can Cooler for Every Guest!

Here are a few more reasons to cozy up to Koozie® can coolers as wedding bells ring! 

  • Double Duty: Koozie® can coolers can also serve as conversation starters when you customize with wedding party associations that show how each guest knows the couple, e.g., childhood, college, relative, etc.
  • Endless Options: The KOOZIE® Collection offers a wide variety of colors, styles, and fonts to match your unique vision.
  • A Wedding Favor with Staying Power: Unlike candy or trinkets, custom Koozie® can coolers are a practical gift guests will use regularly, keeping memories of loving moments, booze-fueled toasts, and crazy dance moves alive for years!

A Few Koozie® Can Coolers That Say Celebration!

Shop our full collection of Koozie® can coolers in bulk, including wedding-worthy styles like these: 

KOOZIE® Cork Can Kooler 

Koozie® Collapsible Can Cooler with Carabiner 

britePix KOOZIE Can Kooler – Stock Designs 

Koozie® Zip-Up Bottle Cooler 

Eat, Drink, and Be Married!

Raise a glass (or a can!) to a wedding celebration that’s even more special thanks to custom wedding Koozie® can coolers featuring unforgettable quotes and sayings. With a little creativity, you can create a favor that’s both fun and functional—the perfect way to say “cheers” to your happily ever after! 

Karleen Wise Andersen

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