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A Love Letter to Ballpoint Pen Art & the Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing

Look, you know us—it’s no surprise that we love ballpoint pen drawings. They’re elegant, precise, and provide an almost meditative feeling when creating them. And with the variety of ballpoint pens available, you can find the right fit for you, from blue to black ink and thin barrel to big barrel.

Why Ballpoint Pen Art Is the Best

Let us count the ways…

#1 It can be Created Anywhere

When all you need is a pen and a surface, you can create ballpoint pen drawings at work, on the bus, at school, you name it. You can pack your pen and start drawing wherever inspiration strikes.

#2 It’s Not for the Faint of Heart

Unlike other forms of drawing, like pencil sketching for example, ballpoint pen drawings leave little to no room for error. You’re not able to erase, which makes ballpoint art a high-stakes game. And, in our mind, this makes ballpoint pen artists total bad asses.

Just take a look at this incredible ballpoint pen art created by British contemporary artist James MyIne.

Polo Pony by James MyIne. License here. No changes were made to the original image.

#3 It Allows for Precision

If you’re a stickler for clean, concise lines, then ballpoint pen art is for you. Art that’s done with a brush or a pen with a larger point size can sometimes be a tad messy, but not with the mighty ballpoint! Try our custom pens with SmoothWrite™ Ink for an even smoother writing experience.

#4 It Creates Less Chance for Smudging

Because ballpoint pen ink dries quickly, smudging is rarely an issue. This is key if you’re a quick sketcher that moves from page to page.

The Best Ballpoint Pen for Drawing

So now that you’re ready to hop on the ballpoint bandwagon, you need to find the best ballpoint pen for drawing, right?

If You Always Lose the Cap

Colorama Translucent Barrel with Metallic Color Clip

Drying out is not allowed when you need to draw at a moment’s notice! The best ballpoint pen for drawing in this case utilizes a retractable mechanism to keep the ink ready to flow.

If You’re Creating Fine Details

uni-ball® Deluxe Fine Point Roller Ball Pen

The 0.7 mm tip of this bestseller makes it ideal for fine lines and details. It’s even archival quality, if you’re into that sort of thing.

If You Want a Rubber Grip

Gripper Pen

We call this one the Gripper Pen for obvious reasons—its rubber grip helps you hold tight to the barrel so you can focus on creating your ballpoint pen drawings.

We can’t wait to see your ballpoint pen art! Tag us on Instagram @national_pen.

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