Famous Desks of the Rich & Genius [Motion Infographic]

How does your workspace compare to the desks of famous people? Famous desks of Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo and more reveal a lot about the type of leaders they were and how their work habits helped them achieve success. What descriptions come to mind about your desk organization? Meticulous? Minimalist? Hot mess?
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Desk Styles of the Rich and Genius infographic header with steaming coffee on wood desk
Sub-heading: The organizational tactics, work habits and routines of the most successful people
Ernest Hemingway's desk with animated typewriter, pencils and paper
Ernest Hemingway's desk style to work standing up
Elon Musk's desk with animated tablet with car blueprint, keyboard and monitor
Elon Musk's secret to success was working in 5-minute blocks
Arianna Huffington's desk with animated candle, colored candies and laptop
Arianna Huffington's tip to encourage napping for boosted productivity
Albert Einstein's desk with animated book, Princeton-addressed envelope and tobacco pipe
Albert Einstein's messy desk style and his belief in combinatory play
Mark Zuckerberg's desk with animated mobile Facebook feed, laptop, can and Facebook shirt
Mark Zuckerberg's desk among employees and with his Year of Books collection
Frida Kahlo's desk with spinning globe, colored paints, paintbrushes and sunflower
Frida Kahlo's style was a studio filled with natural light and a view of the family's courtyard
Oprah Winfrey's desk with animated teacup with lemon, journal, pen and The Audacity of Hope book
Oprah Winfrey's style is reducing meetings and working on an iPad Mini
Infographic footer with National Pen logo and list of resources

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For those who have to dig out from piles of paperwork and a random assortment of office supplies, fast food wrappers, and other miscellaneous items, know that this clutter might make you more closely aligned with genius level than you think. Einstein was a fan of a messy desk space and research has shown “people in messy rooms were quicker at solving creative problems than those in tidy rooms.” Who knew?

When it comes to “having a successful desk,” it’s not only about how our desks look, but how they make us feel. Does your desk make you feel productive? Creative? Or, is it simply a place for you to respond to emails and schedule appointments? Consider how much time you spend at your desk and if it’s the right space to perform your best work.

In our newest infographic, we take a look at some of the most prolific minds in history and find out what their desk habits say about them. Some stand at their desks, while others sit. Then, there are leaders like Oprah Winfrey who spend as little time at their desks as possible. Your desk may feel like a draining space or an inspiring place where you jot down brilliant ideas and share them with others.

Learn how to set up your desk for success by taking a look at the work habits of successful people past and present in the Desk Styles of the Rich & Genius motion infographic below. How closely do you identify with these famous desks and work habits? We don’t know about you, but the idea of napping on the job Arianna Huffington-style sounds pretty good to us.