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15 Engaging and Funny Holidays in December to Inspire Your Next Promotion

Christmas is a big promotional holiday for many companies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more fun to be had this month. There are all sorts of unique and funny December holidays ranging from food celebrations to family appreciation to bust-out-the-fireworks fun. If you’re looking for something unique to help you stand out from the crowd with your December marketing, check out these national and international treasures!

How to Promote Your Business With Weird Holiday Marketing

Funny national holidays like Bathtub Party Day may seem like just something to fill a calendar, but these holidays are a great opportunity to engage with your customers and get them excited about your brand. Here are just a few ways businesses are using weird, silly, inspirational, and international holidays to create fun and tasteful marketing content. 

  • Inspired Sales: Find the weird national holidays that connect to your industry and use them to inspire exciting deals for your customers. For example, clothing stores can urge customers to come in for discounted pants on National Blue Jeans Day.
  • Contests: Just like many businesses offer prizes for costume contests on Halloween, you can offer promotional merch as prizes for contests like “best peppermint bark recipe” on National Peppermint Bark Day.
  • Social Media Content: Get customers engaged with your social media pages by asking how they’ll celebrate your favorite December social media holidays, and share images of how you’re celebrating, too!
  • Create Local Traditions: Found a holiday that jives perfectly with your brand? Do something big to celebrate every year and get people coming to your door! Decorate, host an event, offer free samples, or even create your own branded giveaways to commemorate what you will make into a new local tradition.
  • Coordinate With Another Business: Is a holiday not particularly relevant to your industry? Find another small business who can help you create an engaging promotion that both of you benefit from!

Pro tip: While December has quite a few religious holidays like Hannukah and Kwanzaa, you don’t want to use these holidays purely for promotional reasons. It’s good to acknowledge the holidays of major religions but using them to promote your business when you have no inherent connection is in poor taste and will offend more customers than it excites. Be tasteful and respectful whenever you address cultural or religious celebrations. 

15 Inspiring, Funny, and Wacky December Holidays

1. National Christmas Lights Day

December 1 

One of the best parts of the holiday season is lighting up the neighborhood with decorative lights. Roofing professionals can offer light setup services during this off season, and shops can get festive with a holiday lights contest. This is also a great time to host a sale on lawn decorations and string lights, and interior decorators can do social media specials all about the best indoor holiday décor hacks they love.  

2. Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

December 4 

The end of the year is a busy season for most businesses, which means this is the perfect time to boost morale in the office or wherever you work. Show some employee appreciation with a work team appreciation celebration, which can include games, treats, gifts, and more! Employees can get engaged with the celebration by writing what they love most about their work team and adding it to a decorative recognition display that will keep your team motivated through the rest of the month. 

Want more tips on how to show employee appreciation? Check out our other blog post featuring employee appreciation gift ideas to help boost morale and reduce turnover! 

3. Celebrate Shelter Pets Day

December 5 

Whether you’re running a pet shelter or just want to support it, this day is the perfect day to get some online exposure. Show off those cute faces with a social media photoshoot aimed at getting some families for those sweet furry and feathered babies. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get lots of likes on your social pages, because who doesn’t love cute animal pictures? This December social media holiday is great for engagement, lonely animals, and animal lovers. 

4. National Letter Writing Day

December 7 

Card industry, today’s your day! Get people sharing their holiday greetings with cute cards and heartfelt letters. For social media engagement, you can post tips for creative letter writing as well as offer discounts on cards, gifts, and other by-mail sentiments. Artists can also get in on the action by creating their own cards and decorative letter designs that customers can order or print. 

5. National Brownie Day

December 8 

Every month has something for bakeries, and this month, it’s brownies! Everyone loves a good mint chocolate brownie during the holiday season, but don’t let that stop you from offering every brownie flavor you can cook up. From raspberry blondies to dark chocolate peanut butter swirl, today’s your day to go all out and really show what you have to offer. Bloggers and foodie fans can also get in on the action by posting their favorite recipes or encouraging others to share their own.  

6. National Llama Day

December 9 

Llamas are the internet sensation that never stopped, and any company can join in the fun. Celebrate this funny December holiday with llama-themed social media shenanigans, including llama puns, pictures, or even llama merch! With so many holidays looming large over December, a little bit of silly llama fun can be a welcome break from the traditional winter festivities and responsibilities. 

7. International Animal Rights Day

December 10 

In a season full of hearty meats and furry coats, there’s no more important time for animal rights activists, nonprofits, and charities to make their voices heard. Businesses can join in the movement for more humane animal treatment by offering vegan goods, promoting high quality nonprofits, and donating to preservation efforts. 

8. UNICEF Day for Change

December 11 

Coinciding with UNICEF’s birthday, this day is all about helping children in need. UNICEF, or United Nationions International Children’s Emergency Fund, is an organization dedicated to helping children around the world in times of crisis. If you’re looking to give back this holiday season, encourage your customers to join you in donating to helping children around the world with this Day of Change. 

9. National Poinsettia Day

December 12 

Florists, don’t miss this marketing opportunity! Poinsettias are a major money maker for florists during the winter season, which makes it extra important that you take advantage of a holiday made just for these popular flowers. Offer bulk deals on poinsettias for local businesses to decorate with, and share your favorite cuts on your social media. To encourage sales, you can also host a contest for the best poinsettia display, allowing customers to show off their creativity and get excited about their tropical flowers. 

10. National Violin Day

December 13 

While the violin is a beautiful and popular instrument, violinists aren’t the only ones who can have fun on this holiday. Music stores and classical musicians of all types can join in sharing their favorite violin music, as well as putting together special holiday accompaniments with local violinists to get their views up. Venues and music stores can also get a marketing boost by hosting local musicians to celebrate this holiday, or even hold violin competitions to draw a crowd. 

11. National Energy Conservation Day

December 14 

National energy conservation day

Going green is a major goal for many companies today, and this holiday is a great excuse to show off how that’s going! Take this holiday as an opportunity to show what your company is doing to help in energy conservation, whether that means donating toward innovative efforts or just using more efficient light bulbs. In a season of bright lights and expensive decorations, it’s good to step back and help customers remember that we still have a planet to save. 

12. International Tea Day

December 15 

Coffee shops, let’s take a break from the cocoa frapps and the roasted beans and celebrate another tasty hot drink: tea. Whether you’re an herbal fan or take your tea sweet and icy, this day has something for every customer to enjoy. Cafes, bistros, and other venues can join in with their own tasty tea specials and secret recipes.  

13. National Device Appreciation Day

December 17 

Everyone loves their phones, laptops, tv’s, and other devices, but have you told your Siri how much you love her lately? At a time when everyone is looking at reducing screen time in their lives, give your customers an excuse for a cheat day of slack-jawed enjoyment with their favorite tech. This is also a great day for phone repair stores, tech shops, and more to enjoy one last end-of-year special before everyone starts hibernating indoors for the holidays. 

14. National Emo Day

December 19 

Sick of all that festive cheer? Let’s take a day off that’s all about self-expression and punk makeup with National Emo Day! Great for cosmetics shops, clothing stores, and the Grinch’s in your customer base who are tired of the picture-perfect celebrations, this edgy December holiday is an excellent stress reliever. Share your Emo Day celebrations on social media, and encourage your customers to join in with pics and stories of their own punkish celebrations. 

15. National Christmas Movie Marathon Day

December 23 

The holidays are a great time for movie theaters to get some box office tickets. But not every theater shares the same success as the holidays get close. For those who need to boost their numbers but don’t offer new releases like the bigger companies, get festive with a holiday movie marathon! With all-day festive showings of classic favorites, you can save a lot of money while drawing in families who want something to really liven up their holiday celebrations. 

Didn’t find a holiday that suits you? These are just a few of the many fun holidays in December that can inspire your next promotion. Next time you’re feeling at a loss for social media content or promotional themes, check out the silly holidays of the month to help get your customers engaged with your brand and social media. 

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