Get Classroom-Ready with the Best Backpacks for School

Custom school backpacks are part of a winning equation for a good kick-off to the new school year! That’s why offering them in your school’s merch store shows you’ve done your homework. With your mascot on the best backpacks for school, you’ll get parents, kids, and teachers associating your establishment with luxury and quality. Read on to discover which  custom backpacks with logos are popular with students, teachers, and staff!  

Best Custom School Backpacks for Little Kids

Smaller kids tend to wear backpacks over both shoulders so a two-strap backpack is a better choice than a sling backpack. Look for bright colors, adjustable straps, and a grab handle on top. For use throughout the school year, pick a backpack that is lightweight to accommodate smaller frames, and be sure to include a water bottle pocket for daily hydration. For field trips and summer camps, a drawstring backpack is a good option. We like these: 

City Backpack 

Non Woven Sports Pack 

Backpacks for School That Are Just Right for Big Kids

For high school age kids the cool factor is important. This Porter Collection Rucksack Backpack holds a laptop but features a roll-top design that adds casual trendiness to any back-to-school look.  

Best College Backpacks for Higher Education

Add your club logo, school logo, housing name or sports team to a backpack designed for college students and you’ll enjoy branding all across campus. Custom college backpacks should be tough enough to handle books and laptops, and have plenty of extra space for water bottles and snacks.  

These laptop backpacks are appropriate for co-eds, professors, and staff: 

Graphite Deluxe 15″ Computer Backpack 

Summit Compu-Backpack 

College students tend to go on new adventures, and this backpack makes treks across campus as easy as treks off campus and back home to visit parents!  

Basecamp® City Hopper Backpack 

Tip: See custom laptop bag options including briefcase and messenger bag styles. We style and function, we like the Verona 15″ Computer Messenger Bag 

Custom School Backpacks for Teachers & Staff

If you want to show your teachers, administrators, and staff how much you care, an apple is fine but better yet, present that apple in a laptop backpack for school that makes all that lugging of paperwork and supplies a little bit easier!  

Teachers do so much for students—lightening their load with a high-capacity, high-comfort backpack is a great way to start the school year. We like this one for durability, professional style, and function: 

Diamond Laptop Backpack 

If you’re serious about letting teachers and staff know how much they matter, this option has all the bells and whistles for use on campus, on the trail, and for travel: 

Basecamp® Ascent Laptop Backpack 

Tip: On a tighter budget but still want to see your name on campus? Consider this sleek and stylish option: Good Value® Felix Two-Tone Computer Backpack 

Best Tip for Best Backpacks for School: Be First!

Be the first one to supply the backpack for school they start the year with! For kids of all ages and teachers and staff of all types, new beginnings are best celebrated with new gear, and everyone appreciates a fresh backpack to start the new year off right. When you put your name on that backpack with logo, you’re part of the lifetime memories that are uniquely made in the hallways, classrooms, and lunchrooms of school. Pick a style that suits the student age and school environment, and make this back-to-school season one to remember! 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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