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You’re the One: How to Market Your Wedding Planning Business

If you’re wondering how to market your wedding planning business so you stand out from the competition, check out our wedding marketing ideas. These tips are sure to make a strong impression that attracts the very best brides-to-be customers: 

Define Your Niche

No one likes to turn down business, but wedding business branding, much like finding a wedding dress (or a life partner, come to think of it) requires saying “no” to many in order to say “yes” to the perfect one. Likewise, brides and grooms have a tough time making an emotional connection with their best wedding planner when every planner appears to do it all. Wedding planner advertising ideas start with defining your ideal customer or event. From there, how to advertise your wedding planning business involves defining your strengths, as well. A perfect match is sure to follow!

  • Boilerplate or Custom: Do you offer a turn-key template or personal hand-holding every step of the way?
  • High Maintenance or Low: Can you survive a bridezilla or might you trip her on her way down the aisle after six months of continuous torture?
  • Whole Kit and Kaboodle or Just the Kaboodle: Do you do it all or leave bits and pieces to the bride and groom?
  • Coffee Shop Vibe vs Half-Time Show: Do you love a small, intimate wedding or a stadium style extravaganza?

Answer these questions and you’ve got your wedding business branding in the bag. Next, make yourself known. 

Where Should I Promote My Wedding Planning Business?

Sing your small business from the rooftops! When considering promote your wedding planning business, make sure you factor in these popular channels: 

  • Social Media: When it comes to wedding planning word of mouth is where it’s at. Take photos of your work and create help guides or tips for brides-to-be. Post on a variety of channels from Facebook to Instagram and TikTok. Some wedding planners are gaining large followings on social media by offering funny, behind-the-scenes insights into wedding planning. Check out Gardenia Weddings on TikTok for a daily dose of humor or Grit and Grace Events Co. on TikTok for consistently helpful tips. Wherever you post, be sure to tag your clients so their friends and family can see what an awesome job you did.
  • Website: Make your site easy to work with (just like you) and be clear about any areas of specialty and rules of engagement. You’ll save yourself and your customers a lot of frustration during a highly charged time, and they’ll thank you for it later!
  • Bridal Events: Attend bridal expos and be sure your booth includes promotional giveaways that reflect your style. See some winning wedding marketing ideas for giveaways below.
  • Network: Network with bridal shops and other wedding-related businesses, including reception halls and churches. Let them know what types of events and clients you specialize in so your name comes to mind when the ideal bride-to-be client walks in. Stop by often, and leave them with a customized giveaway so they’ll see your name daily.

Giveaways Are Where It’s at for Marketing Your Wedding Planning Business

The parents may give away the bride (if you’re old school like that), but the bride needs some giveaways herself. Make her feel emotionally cared for and engaged with your brand from the very first meeting with a customized giveaway. We like these: 

Mineral Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Rose Gold Trim: Brides, grooms, and all around elegance go hand in hand. And speaking of hands, this stylus pen with rose gold trim is sure to stay in theirs. It has a rubberized barrel for comfort all day long—not hand cramps leading up to the big day! Plus, it has an integrated stylus so your bride and groom can swipe their wedding registry picks one minute, and jot down reception entrée ideas the next.    

Design Wrap Colorama Pen with Metallic Trim: Picking a wedding planner can be overwhelming. Make it easy for your bride and groom to pick YOU by giving them a pen that says it all. Our Design Wrap imprint technique allows you all the space you need for your logo, art, slogan, and contact info.  The metallic trim says nothing but fancy!  

Design Wrap Spiral Flip Note Pad: Every bride-to-be has notes to take. Every groom has a to-do list of his own. Make sure your clients and prospects see your name every time they brainstorm with this pocket-size promotional note pad.  

Full Color Note Caddy & Rose Gold Pen Set: Start the planning off right with this sophisticated set. The set includes sticky notes and blank pages for tagging and notetaking made quick and easy and at the ready.   

Design Wrap Jumbo Calendar Magnets: Even a shotgun wedding requires a little planning. And a magnetic calendar with the year at a glance will help everyone hit deadlines and make it to the church on time!  

Two-Tone Recycled Cotton Convention Tote: At a bridal convention or during your first meeting with the betrothed, this recycled tote will help them stay organized and eco-friendly as well!  

Economy Tote: There’s lots to carry to and from the main event, and everyone who helps with transporting gifts and party favors should also have a bag in hand to help with the schlepping. Of course, with your name on the front, every helper is advertising your awesome business.  

Design Wrap 11 oz. Ceramic Mug: Weddings don’t get planned without caffeine, and this coffee mug is just the ticket to kick start your first meeting with the bride and groom. And yes, depending upon their stress level, contents can be herbal tea or a hot totty, of course. Add your mobile phone number to the side of this Design Wrap wonder: “If consuming contents doesn’t help, call Your Wedding Planner ASAP.”  

Vinello Stemless Wine Glass – 12 oz: Wedding planning and wine sampling go together like you and your best customers. Make it easy for them to keep it all in perspective and keep your wedding planner business top of mind with these customized, stemless wine glasses.   

Implement Your Favorite Wedding Marketing Ideas All Year Round

Your business is seasonal but your marketing doesn’t have to be. Reach out to customers and prospects all year long for smooth sailing when it’s time to say “I do” to YOU.  

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