How Promotional Lanyards Can Work for Your Business

When you first think of a lanyard, you might get an old-school vibe…and rightly so. Like business cards and pens, conference lanyards are a classic promotional item—and though they might seem like a no-frills giveaway option, they’re an affordable and practical way to get your brand out there. After all, practicality and usability are key—the more the item gets used, the more your brand gets seen. 

Best of all, there are plenty of creative ways to use lanyards at places other than conferences and trade shows. Keep reading to learn more about the ways business lanyards can be used to help with day-to-day operations, as well as a budget-friendly marketing tool. 

What Can Lanyards Be Used For?

Marketing lanyards make such a great tool because they’re so versatile—they work for a variety of audiences and occasions, but are an ever-popular choice at trade shows. Because this type of event necessitates name tags and badge holders, conference lanyards make for a practical pairing. After all, a lanyard is the perfect way for eventgoers to wear trade show badges in a fuss-free, highly-visible way.  

Outside of events, promotional lanyards make a practical giveaway that all kinds of businesses and customers can use every day. Lanyards can also be used as: 

  • Key card and badge holders for office or hospital employees
  • Name tags for employees at your retail store or restaurant
  • Key card holders for gym members, college students, security guards, and more
  • VIP tags for concerts and shows
  • Extra-long key chains for car dealerships and rental businesses

What Should I Put On a Lanyard?

While badge holders are the obvious choice for lanyards, there are so many other items that can easily clip on to a promotional lanyard.  

  • ID Badges. From trade show badges to student ID cards, a lanyard is perfect for keeping identification easily accessible, especially during orientation events.
  • Keys. Car keys, house keys, office key fobs…make it easy for customers to keep keys in easy reach.
  • Card Wallets. Slim card wallets can also be easily clipped on to your promotional lanyard—perfect for stashing a credit card or loose change.
  • Pens. Make sure your customers are never without a pen—give them one that clips to your business lanyards for double the branded impact.
  • Glasses. Whether reading glasses or sunglasses, a lanyard is a hands-free way to keep eye protection easily accessible.
  • Flashlights. Compact flashlights are always a customer-favorite giveaway—put it together with a lanyard for an extra-impactful piece of trade show swag.
  • Whistles. Is your business sponsoring a local sports team? Or, maybe you’re starting a corporate softball club. Either way, give the ref a lanyard to keep their whistle at the ready.

Our Favorite Promotional Lanyards

Lanyard with Flat Panel

This is one of our best-selling promotional lanyards—and for good reason! It’s a budget-friendly option that features a breakaway neck clip and swivel lobster clip for easy attaching.  

3/4″ Full Color Polyester Lanyard

Show off your branding in full color with this marketing lanyard, complete with your custom messaging printed on both sides.  

Heavy Weight Satin Lanyard

For a more premium promotional lanyard style, heavyweight satin material fits the bill! This one also has a bulldog clip option that’s perfect for attaching ID and name badges.  

Silicone Lanyard with Phone Holder & Wallet

Slim card wallets always make a great attachment for lanyards—but this one features a wallet integrated into the design!  

Allison Russo

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I'm here to help small businesses be their best.

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