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Brand Highlight: Liqui-Mark® Brand

There’s a plethora of pens and writing instruments just waiting for your personal touch. But if you’re struggling to find the perfect promotional product, why not learn more about the brands behind some of our best-selling items? Here, we’re taking a deep dive into Liqui-Mark, a pen manufacturer that’s been around for nearly 50 years.  

History of the Liqui-Mark Brand

Liqui-Mark got its start in Brooklyn, New York, back in 1974. After a lot of growth over the past 48 years, they eventually moved from Brooklyn to a larger production facility in Hauppauge, New York. The founder, Stuart Goodelman, built Liqui-Mark by importing and manufacturing private label markers and pens. In 1985, he expanded the business to include his own line of Liqui-Mark brand products—many of which you can shop at  

What Makes Liqui-Mark Special?

Unlike other brands that specialize in writing instruments, Liqui-Mark sets themselves apart with their vast collection of drawing tools: like colorful markers, highlighters, and even crayons. Because of this, Liqui-Mark products get into the hands of people of all ages, from elementary school children to corporate conference-goers. Additionally, most of their products are made in the United States—a selling point that’s sure to appeal to many of your customers! 

How to Use Liqui-Mark Products to Promote Your Business

If you’re curious about how Liqui-Mark can help promote your business, here are some ideas to get you inspired! 

  • Are you promoting a textbook brand or classroom product? Leave behind dry-erase markers for teachers to use or pass out highlighters to students.
  • Is your company sponsoring a corporate event? Include highlighters in their welcome bags so they can follow along during the seminar. Or, add your brand to permanent markers that attendees can use to write on name tags.
  • Do you run an art studio, or other creative business? Keep branded crayons and markers on hand for students to use. And encourage them to take them home so your business name stays top-of-mind!
  • Does your restaurant offer a children’s menu? Keep customers’ kiddos entertained with a paper placemat and set of branded crayons.

Popular Liqui-Mark Products You Can Customize

Crayo-Craze® Black Wheel 6-in-1 Crayon

Products like this are one of the things that make Liqui-Mark so special—it’s a fun, colorful product that’s sure to delight customers of all ages.  

Liqui-Mark® Retrax® Retractable Fluorescent Highlighter

Customers will love the innovative design of this retractable highlighter. Unlike other highlighters, which are designed with a separate cap, this one allows users to get highlighting at the click of a button—without having to worry about losing the cap.  

Two Bright Double-Ended Highlighter

Double the color, double the functionality! Help your customers stay organized, whether they’re taking notes in the classroom or the boardroom, with this dual-colored highlighter.  

Sharp Mark® Mini Permanent Marker with Key Ring

Make it easy for customers to keep a marker at the ready—this one, with a built-in key ring, is a popular Liqui-Mark pick.  

Liqui-Mark® Chiseled Dry Erase Marker

From brainstorm sessions to lecture halls, you can never have too many dry erase markers. These ones, with a chisel tip, are a customer-favorite at  

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