Get Lucky with St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas and Promotional Items

Does your list of St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas and March promotion ideas include St. Patrick’s Day promotional items? If not, you’re missing out on easy opportunities to promote your small business for pennies (gold pennies) on the dollar. Our St. Patrick’s Day merchandise accommodates all budgets and branding styles and is easy to customize for your event or promotion. Simply pick the product you want to put to work for your brand. Then customize with the St. Patrick’s Day template, your logo or other messaging, and distribute to customers, employees, students, and special event attendees throughout March. Let’s go!  

What Is St. Patrick’s Day All About, Anyway?

Glad you asked, and it’s always a good idea to go into this very popular holiday among young and old, prepared with a few fun facts! 

Since the early 17th century, St. Patrick’s Day has celebrated the heritage and culture of the Irish in general—and if you’re Catholic, Saint Patrick in particular. St. Patrick was a missionary in 5th century Ireland, but he didn’t start out as a missionary—or in Ireland. He was born in Britain and then kidnapped and enslaved by Irish pirates when he was 16. He worked caring for animals as a shepherd in Ireland for six years, at which point he escaped. His escape included talking his way onto a ship followed by walking 28 days in the wilderness, and finally, rejoining his family in Britain. But he returned to Ireland “to walk among the people” as a missionary, cleric and in later life, a bishop.  

So, now that THAT’S out of the way. Are we ready for St. Patrick’s Day marketing ideas?  

Wait! Before We Discuss St. Patrick’s Day Merchandise, Please Explain the Clover

Sure thing. Apparently, St. Patrick used the green clover, with its three leaves, to demonstrate the Christian concept of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Today, the clover, especially the four-leaf variety, represents the green of Ireland, the luck of the Irish, and St. Patrick’s Day fun.  

Okay, let’s talk St. Patrick’s Day promotional items, unless there are more background questions, of course. 

Yes, One More: For Pete’s Sake (Er, Patrick’s Sake?), Why All the Green?

Deserving of an answer, of course! Often referred to as “The Emerald Isle,” Ireland is known far and wide for its green rolling hills and lush green landscapes. Much like what red, white, and blue are to a USA holiday, when celebrating St. Patrick, one of the most popular patron saints of Ireland, green is of course, in order.  

Speaking of which, and no pressure, of course, but would you like to look at a few GREEN, St. Patrick’s Day-inspired, March promotion ideas? 

Almost Ready, but Just Wondering: How Do Leprechauns Fit into St. Patrick’s Day?

Thanks for keeping us on track, and another important fact (though not a fact at all, actually): Leprechauns are the mythical fairies of Ireland, small in stature (two to three feet) and big on mischief. The little loners live in little caves and tree trunks, hiding from humans. Small business is their thing, and the scrappy leprechauns are master cobblers, providing undoubtedly high-quality footwear for fellow leprechauns of all shapes and sizes (but mostly small). Folklore would have it that these crafty entrepreneurs run a cash-based business and stash their profits, in the form of gold coins, in a pot at the end of a rainbow. Gotta hand it to these moms and pops, or just pops in this case— always saving for a rainy day, and Ireland is known for inclement weather, so….  

And Why the Pinching, Pray Tell?

On St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re not wearing green to show your Irish pride (and to camouflage you from pinch-happy leprechauns amidst the rolling hills of very, very green Ireland) you’re bound to be pinched, either by a leprechaun (less likely as they don’t really exist) or by a fellow reveler.  

Okay, gentle reader: Are we ready to discuss the very best in St. Patrick’s day merchandise?   

Yes! What Should My St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas Include?

Anything green, gold, or rainbow patterned will serve you well on St. Patrick’s Day and also fit in with your March promotion ideas. The three-leaf clover and chocolate gold coins are strong symbols of the holiday. As for games and discounts, consider these: 

  • Offer customers wearing green a special discount, promotional giveaway, or gift with purchase (see below for slam-dunk winners)
  • Use signage to advertise St. Patrick’s Day special products or menu items
  • Hide a stuffed leprechaun in your store for kids to find and win a prize (featuring your logo, of course!)

Which St. Patrick’s Day Promotional Items Are Best?

Choose the green color in any of these winning giveaways and leverage St. Patrick’s Day festivities to make March your month of increased visibility and rising sales.  All the items below can be customized with a St. Patrick’s Day theme like the examples below: 

Design Wrap Contour Pen: Pick the St. Patrick’s Day theme and add your own message and logo.  

Design Wrap Superball Pen: Perfect for customer service counters and special events, this cap pen can be customized with a St. Patrick’s Day theme for holiday-themed promoting at a budget-friendly price.  

Design Wrap Colorama Pen: So clickable and with a St. Patrick’s Day theme adding lighthearted fun to your logo, you’re as lucky as your customers. 

Design Wrap Spiral Flip Note Pad: Give on its own or pair with a Design Wrap pen above, and start off your next event with St. Patrick’s Day smiles all around.  

Design Wrap 11 oz. Ceramic Mug: With St. Patrick’s Day green and your logo as well, they’ll think of you throughout the month of March, and with every sip beyond. 

Design Wrap Magnets: The luck of the Irish, and your brand, are on the fridge or file cabinet all year long when you pick a St. Patrick’s Day-themed background for this customized magnet.  

Design Wrap Colorama Pen with Metallic Trim: Leprechauns like gold, and your customers will, too, when you customize this pen with a St. Patrick’s Day template and choose gold as your trim color.  

Any Final Thoughts on St Patrick’s Day Promotional Items?

Customers remember holidays and they’ll remember your brand when you attach it to this one! Add a little luck and a little mischief to this most green and most playful of holidays by marking the occasion, and the month, with a few four-leaf clovers and custom St. Patrick’s Day merchandise. “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!”—and top profits to ya as well.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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