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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Co-Workers & Employees

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a romantic holiday, it’s a great excuse to celebrate friendship and camaraderie, too—even in the office! And if you’re a business owner or a manager, Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show appreciation for your employees.  

From workplace celebration ideas to thoughtful coworker gifts, keep reading for inspiration and tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day this year.  

5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at your office or business location is an excellent way to boost morale, delight your colleagues and employees, and brighten the overall mood. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for your workplace.  

  • Treat everyone to something tasty: Delicious food is the way to anyone’s heart! Surprise your team with breakfast bagels, a midday coffee shop run, or chocolate treats they can take home.
  • Get out of the office: Excite your employees with a fun activity! It could be a team outing for a paint night, flower arranging class, wine tasting, or simply a nice lunch.
  • Give out goody bags: Want to give your co-workers a small token of your affection? Consider a friendly Valentine note pinned to a bag of homemade goodies, or a gift basket with a candle, coffee mug, and other small trinkets.
  • Get festive: Set the mood with Valentine’s Day decorations! Whether it’s your window display or balloons by your office entrance, brighten up your workspace with red, pink, and anything heart shaped.
  • Host a contest: Valentine-themed haiku poems, a Cupid costume contest…get creative and inspire your staff to get competitive! Don’t forget to incentivize everyone with a great prize.

Valentines for Coworkers

If you’re searching for a coworker Valentine for your work bestie, don’t be afraid to get creative and make it personal. You want your coworker gift or gesture to show that you appreciate them—but also know enough about them that their Valentine is one-oof-a-kind. Here are some ideas for Valentines for coworkers. 

  • A gift card to your go-to lunch spot: Is there an eatery you and your work BFF frequent? Give them a gift card to cover your next lunch outing.
  • A coupon to do their least favorite task: Is there something your coworker hates doing that you could take off their plate? Whether it’s stuffing envelopes or re-stocking the snack cabinet, give them a personalized note along with a coupon to fill in for them.
  • Coffee beans from their favorite cafe: If there’s a local coffee shop your work bestie loves, bring them a bag of their roasted beans—and maybe even a branded mug!
  • A desk upgrade: Is there something in their workspace that could use an upgrade? Think: a new mousepad; an insulated coffee mug; a cute pencil holder; or a fresh batch of their favorite pens.

Valentine Gifts for Employees

Want to celebrate your hardworking staff with a branded gift or promotional product? If you’re looking for Valentine gift ideas for your employees, here are a few customizable items to shop now.  

Soft Squeezable Heart Key Tag

Valentine’s Day calls for all things heart-shaped! This cute keychain is a low-cost way to show a little extra appreciation to your employees. 

Large Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars

Looking for a chocolate gift idea? These custom candy bars are just the thing! Personalize them with a Valentine’s Day message or a note of gratitude.  

Engraved 11 oz. Stainless Steel Gia Wine Glass

Delight your employees with this insulated wine tumbler. It’s a great gift on its own, but even better paired with a bottle of vino. 

Custom 15 oz. Pearlescent Fawn Ceramic Mug

Coffee mugs make great giveaways for any holiday! So, choose one in a romantic shade (like red or pink) to make it Valentine’s Day-ready. Bonus points if you fill it up with candies or a bag of coffee beans! 

Custom Chenille Blanket

Since Valentine’s Day falls in the winter, keep your co-workers cozy with a blanket.  

Mineral Rose Gold Alpha Gift Set

Anything in rose gold is a clear choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. And this set, which includes our ever-popular Alpha Pen and a flashlight keychain, is sure to be a hit.  

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