What’s All the Buzz About 12 oz Coffee Mugs?

If you’re looking to promote your brand, getting your logo on a custom coffee mug is a smart choice backed by data: 90% of consumers report owning branded drinkware.1 That retention makes promotional coffee mugs some of the products for ensuring daily use (and enjoyment) of your brand. 

And now that you’re looking at mugs, you should know the 12-ounce coffee mug has particular appeal. Below we spill the (coffee) beans on why the 12-ounce mug is a classic you can count on for promotional gift-giving among customers, employees, fundraising, and special events. We’ll start with the basics (how big is 12 ounces, anyway?) and move on to the best 12-ounce mugs for your branding.  

How Many Ounces Are in a Cup of Coffee?

Though a measuring cup contains eight ounces, a standard cup of coffee is between five and eight ounces. For reference, an espresso shot is one ounce, and a double espresso is two ounces, plus whatever else is added, such as milk, syrups, etc. and eight ounces is one cup. 

How Many Ounces Is a Mug?

Unsurprisingly, mug sizes vary, but a mug will usually hold between eight and 12 ounces. Also of note, the capacity of mugs and other drinkware is measured to the brim. So, a 12-ounce coffee mug will hold 12 ounces of liquid if it is filled to the top. 

How Many Ounces Is a Standard Size Mug?

A 12-ounce mug will accommodate most beverages. With that in mind, you’ve probably noticed what might be called “scope creep” in the drinkware category overall. The capacity goal of a piece of drinkware has crept up and up and up until it sometimes seems that, say, a travel tumbler is designed to keep a family of four hydrated through a half marathon followed by a power outage (if that’s your vibe, our very own 40 oz. Intrepid Stainless Steel Travel Mug comes to mind). With respect to standard coffee mug size, however, the appeal of the 12-ounce coffee mug persists! A single-serving slows us down and encourages a present-moment experience at the breakfast table. It invites a leisurely afternoon tea or coffee break, or the lift of an after-dinner cappuccino with dessert. For a civilized moment of repose or recharge, the 12-ounce mug is the vessel for the task. 

How Big Is a 12-ounce Mug?

A 12-ounce mug is the standard size for coffee mugs in restaurants and cafes. Think of an old-fashioned diner mug and you get the picture.  

  • Portion Control: Anyone else trying to cut down on their caffeine intake? Sometimes a standard portion is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Take a Break: If you refill throughout the day, a traditional 12 –ounce coffee mug has unique appeal as well: A standard 12 oz mug allows the drinker more opportunities throughout the day to get up for a refill. That 12 oz coffee mug ensures a ready-made escape from too-long meetings plus allows the drinker to bank extra steps going for the refill to boot.
  • Temperature Control: Finally, a 12-ounce mug increases the chances that a hot beverage will be consumed before it hits room temperature.

Tip: For more on coffee cup sizes, check out our blog, What Size Logo Mug Should I Buy? Coffee Mug Sizes Explained.  

What Is the Most Popular Mug Size?

The most common coffee mug size is 12 ounces. Runner up is a 16-ounce mug, which maps to a “grande” size at Starbucks.  

What 12-ounce Coffee Mugs Are Best as Giveaways?

In 12-ounce mugs, your options cover all kinds of occasions, brands, and uses! From a 12-ounce travel mug for their daily commute to a 12-ounce ceramic coffee mug to keep at their desk, we’ve curated a few of our best-sellers and favorites below:  

12 oz. Oslo Mug: Two-tone, quality stoneware mug features an exterior matte finish that gives this mug unique appeal in the conference room, break room, or lobby. 

12 oz. Santos Ceramic Mug: Natural character in a cozy mug! This 12-ounce ceramic mug boasts a matte body and a nature baked bottom that makes every sip a bit more special.  

12 oz. Matte Angus Ceramic Mug: Modern meets minimal in this perfectly sized ceramic mug with a trendy matte finish.  

12 oz. Iridescent Ceramic Mug: The extra shimmer of iridescence makes this mug stand out in any workplace or other place! 

CamelBak® 12 oz. Camp Mug: A civilized portion, taken to go! This camp mug is equally at home during fire-side chats and late-night study sessions.  

12 oz. Brew Copper-Insulated Mug: Stainless steel, double walls, and copper insulation ensure the perfect cup of joe or spot of tea stays piping hot during an evening stroll, a brainstorm session, or a concert in the park.  

12 oz. Concord Stainless Steel Mug with Cork Trim: Seeking a sophisticated mug? Right here! And this one is insulated and includes a lid for extra temperature control, and cork trim for a natural look and a soft landing on any surface.  

Looking for Even More 12 oz Coffee Mugs?

Browse more of our 12-ounce coffee mugs to find the perfect fit for your brand, budget, and occasion. Bottoms up to your best branding ever with the ever-present 12-ounce mug! 


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