Custom Bar Glasses

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Say Cheers with Custom Bar Glasses

Picture this: A customer is spending the afternoon at your brewery—sitting outside, sampling different beers, and catching up with old friends. As they wrap up the afternoon, they walk by your merch display, where you're selling 6-packs to go, branded apparel, and logo pint glasses. We’re going to bet they can’t resist adding to their barware collection.

This is just one way that custom bar glasses can help bring staying power and brand visibility to any kind of business, even if you’re not in the food and beverage industry. Logo bar glasses and custom barware make for great giveaways and commemorative souvenirs, and if you do own a restaurant or bar, serving customers in custom bar glasses can help elevate your brand and create a cohesive, professional experience.

What types of custom bar glasses are available at

There’s an ever-changing assortment of personalized wine and bar glassware available at Choose a style that reflects your brand—maybe a shot glass if you like to bring the party, or an old fashion glass if you’re targeting a more refined clientele—then personalize it with your logo and brand message.

  • Pint Glasses: Logo pint glasses are a tried-and-true customer favourite, and are sure to earn a place in their cabinets for years to come.
  • Old Fashion Glasses: Also known as rocks glasses, this type of barware glass is intended to sip—if you didn’t guess already—an old fashioned. This style of drinking glass comes in a variety of sizes, so they’re perfect for sipping any kind of whiskey or bourbon...or even a fruity cocktail.
  • Wine Goblets: With a little more room than your typical wine glass, goblets are a great option for serving spritzers and sangria—or if you just need a really big glass of wine. (We’ve been there.) Looking for wine glasses in a more standard size? We have custom wine glasses and custom wine tumblers, too.
  • Glass Cans: These logo bar glasses, in the shape of beer cans, are super trendy right now. Beyond sipping your favourite IPA, these 16-ounce cups are perfect for mocktails, iced coffee, and more.
  • Shot Glasses & Shooters: Bring the fun to your next giveaway with a batch of logo shot glasses—choose from acrylic and glass options to display your brand message.
  • Beer Steins: Whether your business is celebrating Oktoberfest or you just love a kitschy piece of swag, beer steins are always a favourite—and available in tons of colour options.
  • Custom Growlers: If you own a brewery or run a brewpub, bottling your beer in souvenir custom growlers is a great way to give your brand name staying power.

Does custom barware make a good giveaway?

Custom bar glasses make a great giveaway for just about any kind of business! After all, who doesn’t get excited when they get to enjoy their favourite cocktail in a shiny new glass? You can give away custom bar glasses at a trade show or expo, or raffle off a set of logo barware (along with all of the ingredients for a signature cocktail!) to excite your customers.

Plus, logo bar glasses also make great souvenirs! Let customers take home a piece of your bar or restaurant by adding novelty barware—or even custom bar sets!—to your merch shop.