Custom Carpenter Pencils

Build Your Brand with Custom Carpenter Pencils

Build better branding with custom carpenter pencils. Thanks to their flat sides, these pencils can't roll off a piece of lumber or rickety sawhorse. That makes them an essential part of every phase of construction, including conception, planning, procurement, and execution. Our promotional carpenter pencils come in all the colour and imprint options you need to advertise your business wherever home improvement happens.

What Is a Carpenter Pencil?

A carpenter pencil is defined by several key features:

  • Rectangular Body: The non-circular shape of promotional carpenter pencils prevents them from rolling away. The rectangular casing means a larger surface area for easy gripping from different angles.
  • Flat Lead: The flat graphite core of a logo carpenter pencil allows thin lines for precision markings and thicker lines for writing on rough surfaces and marking guide lines for saw blades.
  • Tough Lead: The lead of bulk carpenter pencils is stronger than a typical pencil.
  • Writes (Almost) Anywhere: Branded carpenter pencils can mark on all kinds of surfaces including wood, concrete, and stone.
  • Sharpening: Custom carpenter pencils typically come unsharpened and are sharpened with a knife. This allows the user to create the lead edge that suits the job.

How Can I Customize a Carpenter Pencil?

Unlike a round pencil, a carpenter pencil allows generous imprint space so you can prominently display branding information like your logo, name, and website.

How Do You Sharpen a Carpenter Pencil?

Although there are sharpeners designed for carpenter pencils, the vast majority of custom carpenter pencils are sharpened by hand with a knife. This is because with a knife, both the casing and the graphite can be shaped precisely according to the intended use. The graphite tip point can be adjusted using sandpaper. In addition, many users of promotional carpenters pencils with logos are in the workshop, in the field, or on the job site, where a knife or sandpaper are likely to be close at hand.

What Are the Advantages of a Carpenter Pencil?

A promotional carpenter pencil won’t roll off a slanted table or piece of lumber like a round barrel pencil will. The graphite in a carpenter pencil is an oblong shape, allowing the user more writing and drawing options including a line that is thin or thick, light or dark.

What Types of Business Should Use Branded Carpenter Pencils?

Custom carpenter pencils make great gifts for those involved in construction, renovation, and other areas of building where marking sizes and intended placement is done directly on materials including lumber, drywall, and more. Distribute them at home improvement stores, construction expos and conferences, and to new employees and clients.